Can Cinnamon Treat Diabetes?

The sweet tasting spice which you use for cakes and cookies may turn out to be a miracle spice that cures diabetes. Just include it in your diet.

Arka Roy Chowdhury
Written by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryUpdated at: Oct 03, 2012 18:26 IST
Can Cinnamon Treat Diabetes?

Cinnamon is a type of spice as you must know. Found in the island of Sri Lanka and also in south East Asia, this spice could be the mistress of all spices, or so they say. According to studies and researches Cinnamon could treat diabetes. Cinnamon is a spice that tastes sweet, and is often recommended to increase healthy blood sugar levels and reduce insulin resistance.


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Cinnamon comes in two varieties, the ceylon cinnamon and the cassia cinnamon and evidence is that its miracle is limited. So, do not try and replace your daily dose of diabetic medicine with this spice. Just add this extra flavour to get an added benefit.

Benefits –

The spice is generally used to add flavour to food, for confectionary and for oral hygiene. One study in the year 2009 showed that cinnamon if taken twice for 90 days straight can improve haemoglobin A1C levels which reflect on the average blood sugar level for the past two to three months in poorly controlled type 2 diabetics. Cinnamon as mentioned earlier has been found to possess insulin like characteristics. It can also reduce the process of slowing your stomach.  A polyphenol found in cinnamons could be of major help for people who are overweight impaired fasting glucose since they might act as both insulin sensitizers and antioxidants.


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The Controversy –

Having said all of this, the studies have repeatedly mentioned that one must not stop taking medicines and begin with cinnamon because it does not have a very massive impact. Also, cinnamon’s credibility is debatable. It is yet unknown as to what amount of this spice would be apt for diabetes treatment. Well, at this stage it is quite inappropriate to say that it is a method for diabetes treatment. It is more like a catalyst that could have a positive effect on diabetics. Moreover, the cassia variety of cinnamon contains coumarin which is a blood thinner and could also have a very bad impact on the liver.

Cinnamon will have to wait before it gains stardom in the medical field for some more time it seems. Do not just start taking in cinnamon out of the blue because it can also cause allergies in certain individuals. Do consult a doctor and wait for some credible breakthrough. Who knows, cinnamon may just turn out to be the mistress of spices after all.


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