Broccoli Can Help Prevent Cancer

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Nov 29, 2011

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Broccoli can help prevent cancerThe fact that broccoli can help prevent cancer, has truly heralded a fresh ray of hope for all those battling this deadly disease in various forms. Although, medical experts have made substantial amount of progress in battling cancer effectively, most cancer curing drugs have given rise to their own set of side effects. Therefore, natural cures are always the more preferable ones; and, when it’s something as interesting and delectable as broccoli, consumption is never a compulsion.


How Broccoli Can Help Prevent Cancer


  • Broccoli is considered to be an excellent cancer fighter because it is rich in anenzyme called myrosinase. It is this compound, which is responsible for generating cancer fighting abilities in it. Myrosinase converts GRP or glucoraphanin, which is not of much use to the body due to low absorbency; however, the converted form SF or sulphoraphane, which is easily absorbed into the system for effective action, is a more beneficial ingredient.
  • Tests have revealed that consuming overcooked broccoli may not be advisable for keeping cancer at bay. When broccoli is cooked excessively, it loses its myrosinase content considerably: hence, cancer fighting properties deplete as well. Some of the myrosinase traces, however, can still be converted to SF. Therefore, benefits aren’t entirely nil.
  • Additionally, broccoli can help prevent cancer better if combined with other equally beneficial food. Studies have revealed that broccoli, if complemented with mustard, wasabi, horseradish and broccoli sprouts, should be far more effective in combating cancer than when eaten in isolation. Broccoli can also be combined with other cruciferous veggies such as watercress, cabbage, arugula and so on, for doubling the impact. The spicier the preparation, the better it is for preventing cancerous growths.
  • Spices and broccoli sprouts react with active ingredients present in cooked broccoli as well as with broccoli powder, thereby producing SF. This reaction not only increases the amount of SF in the blood, but also helps to maintain SF levels for a sustained period of time within the bloodstream. Therefore, SF typically gets more time to carry out its anti cancer functions in the blood.
  • Broccoli can prevent cancer better when myrosinase is added up to this equation because, it helps in absorption of cancer resisting compounds much earlier in the gut. This is important because the upper intestine absorbs the compounds much faster than the lower intestine.

As repeated tests have proven, the ingredients of broccoli have pronounced anti-cancer properties. Nevertheless, you can choose to reinforce them by creating interesting food combinations.


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