Boss's Smile can be Bad for You

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Oct 16, 2012

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Are you thinking that your bosBosss Smile can be Bad for Yous’s smile is a friendly gesture? You may be wrong on this. A recently conducted study suggests that those who are higher in hierarchy smile back at important people, instead of those below them in the work hierarchy.

A research panel at the University of California observed key facial muscles 55 young men and women. Measurement was done on the basis of short video clips of people with jobs at the different levels of prestige, who were smiling or frowning at others in different ranks. The equipment that measures the activity of zygomaticus, a major smiling muscle that raises the corner of mouth, was used. The tool also gave the readouts for the corrugator supercilii, the frowning muscle that furrows the brow.


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It was found that the volunteers were more likely to scowl in response to a frown from someone in higher position. People who felt powerful only smiled back at the people of their level. They did return the smiles of those who are lower in the order but the stretch of zygomaticus was lower.


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