Bone Cancer: When to follow up?

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Feb 25, 2011
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  • Bone cancers are of two types –primary and secondary.
  • Bone cancer should see their doctor regularly.
  • Any unusual symptoms should be reported right away.
  • Regular follow-up care ensures problems are treated.

Bone is a supporting framework of the body. The outer part of the bones comprises a network of fibrous tissues which are referred to as matrix onto which calcium salts get laid down.


bone cancer follow up


Bone cancers are classified into two types –primary and secondary. Primary bone cancers are those that start in the bone itself. They are also called true bone cancers or sarcomas. Sarcomas are tumours that start in the bone, muscle, blood vessels, fibrous tissues, fat tissues and other tissues. These may also develop in other parts of the body.


When to Follow up Bone Cancer

Bone cancer sometimes metastasizes, particularly to the lungs, or can recur, either at the same location or in other bones in the body. Those who have had bone cancer should see their doctor regularly and should immediately report any unusual symptoms right away.

The follow-up for bone cancer depends on the types and stage of bone cancer. Generally, the doctors advise frequent medical exams, regular blood tests and x-rays. Children and adolescents with bone cancer history have an increased likelihood of developing another type of cancer later in life. For them, regular follow-up care ensures that changes in health are discussed and that problems are treated as soon as possible.




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