5 Best Bodyweight Exercises For Weight Loss

Bodyweight exercises are appropriate for both beginners and advanced athletes.

Ishaan Arora
Written by: Ishaan AroraUpdated at: Dec 16, 2022 11:01 IST
5 Best Bodyweight Exercises For Weight Loss

Weight gain and a disrupted workout routine are two things that are synonymous with winter. Nothing is more comforting than coming home and curling up under a blanket. However, if you are serious about losing fat, you must keep moving throughout the winter. It will not only help you stay in shape and prepared for the summer, but it will also help you avoid cold and holiday bloat. So, if going to the gym seems like a task, here are five bodyweight exercises you can do at home for maximum calorie burn.


If you're looking for ways to lose love handles, incorporating planks into your workout routine could be a game changer. Planks primarily target your core and help to strengthen and improve your abdominal performance. The best part about planks is that they help boost your metabolism. It also builds lower back muscles and improves posture.


Nothing beats the effectiveness of push-ups when it comes to bodyweight exercises. The point is that they are extremely convenient and an excellent way to strengthen your upper body muscles. Push-ups are a compound exercise that works all of your push muscles, including your chest, triceps, and shoulders. There are numerous push-up variations, but the traditional push-up variation is all you need to strengthen your pec muscles. The best thing about push-ups is that they help with both strength and stamina development.

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From sportsmen to bodybuilders, you will find everyone nailing pull-ups. Without a doubt, it is one of the best exercises for developing a strong back and biceps. Pull-ups work your lats, traps, mid back, and back delts. The secondary muscles used in this movement are the core muscles and the shoulder. The best thing about pull-ups is that they are a great way to evaluate your fitness level.

Diamond Push-ups

Arm muscles not growing? Diamond push-ups, also known as triangle push-ups, are all you need to bulk up your arms. Diamond push-ups primarily work the triceps. The secondary muscles used in this movement are the chest and shoulder. When executed properly, it can also help you gain muscle mass in your upper body. The best thing about performing diamond push-ups is that it is suitable for both advanced and novice athletes.


Irrespective of what your goal is, weight loss or muscle gain squats help with both. Squats, also known as the "mass builder", target the muscles in your lower body, specifically your glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves. The best thing about squats is that they help you gain strength as well as lean muscle mass.

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Pro Tip

As always, it's crucial that you establish goals for yourself and create a workout plan which you can follow in the long term. Start slow and gradually increase the sets and reps. Furthermore, before beginning these exercises, make sure to warm up for better concentration and pump. 

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