Bodybuilding Obsession can lead to Bigorexia

By  , Agency News
Nov 18, 2013

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Those who are unhappy with their bodies and resorting to unhealthy dietary and exercise habits put themselves at the risk of 'bigorexia' disorder or muscle dysmorphia.

bodybuilding obsessionAccording to Dr. Stuart Murray, an expert on muscle dysmorphia, around 1 percent of the UK population has the illness or symptoms of it. They believe that they are never muscular enough. Murray and his team looked at the data over the last 30 years and found that the number of men dissatisfied with their body had tripled. Moreover, they found that men would be prepared to sacrifice years off their life for bigger biceps.

Muscle dysmorphia is a reverse form of anorexia, with sufferers believing they are never muscular enough. There is not much known about the disorder bigorexia, as it was only formally recognised by doctors in 1997.


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