Bizarre Winter Myths You Need To Unlearn

You won’t develop a sore throat if you walk in cold weather. More such myths are busted in this article. Read on to check how many you are following.

Varun Verma
Written by: Varun VermaUpdated at: Nov 18, 2022 17:04 IST
Bizarre Winter Myths You Need To Unlearn

Winter months, in addition to its pleasant weather, bring a lot of bizarre myths and misconceptions along. The damage these months can do to your health has been highlighted by many. Indeed, in the winter season, a lot of people catch a cold or flu, but this is not because they might be roaming out on a cold breezy day. This article busts such bizarre winter myths. Count how many you believe in.

Myth 1: Walking in the Cold Can Make You Sick

This is a common myth often said by people. You may think that when you go out in the cold, your nose starts running and you experience congestion. However, this is not because you have walked in the cold. This is the effect of the cold air. However, getting a cold can affect the body’s immunity, which can make one more susceptible to getting a viral or bacterial infection.

Associated with this myth is another myth, that says to avoid ice cream in winter, as it results in the flu and sore throat. This is totally false because you catch the flu when viruses and bacteria infect you. If you eat something with your hands contaminated with the flu virus, it is likely that you can catch the flu. So, instead, make sure to wash your hands regularly.

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Myth 2: Your Head Loses Maximum Heat

It is said that your head, if exposed, loses maximum heat in cold weather. This is far from true, as studies published in the British Medical Journal, state that the loss of heat is dependent on body exposure to cold. On this basis, you can say that if you have covered your head while keeping other body parts exposed to cold, heat loss will be more from the exposed body part than from your head. So, you should cover yourself equally well around the whole of your body to minimise heat loss.

Myth 3: Hot Liquid Drinks Can Warm You Faster

Drinking hot drinks in winter can be a soothing experience. But this activity can be not as productive as it seems. When you drink a hot drink, the temperature of your body might drop even further, due to thermoregulation. Your body senses warm liquid as a temperature rises and thus works to cool it further.

Myth 4: No Risk of Allergies in Winter

One might think that the risk of allergy spread is lower in winter, as the air is thick and heavy. But it is false. During winter people mostly stay indoors but even after that, they catch an allergic reaction. Their allergy can be due to their winter clothes or from the dust of their blankets. The spread of pollen, which causes allergy in people, is not uncommon in winter. So, if you get one, do not mistake it as cold. Get an expert to advise. 

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Myth 5: Keep Your Sunscreen Away

Since it is winter and the warmth of the sun feels amazing, you might think that you do not need sunscreen to protect yourself. This belief can be harmful. Even though the winter has an overcast sky, a lot of ultraviolet rays can penetrate the protective layer of the earth and harm your skin.

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