Birth Control Pills for Males not Happening so Fast

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Jun 04, 2014

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male contraceptive pillsResearchers are constantly on the run to find a safe and effective male contraceptive pill, but there was no conclusion ever met. It was speculated that this male contraceptive was coming soon but now it seems like as though people have to wait for some time.

Researchers have found that the hormonal male contraception via testosterone does not actually stop the production of any healthy sperm.

The study which was conducted on mice, found that the previously developed male hormonal oral contraceptive method which is via testosterone is not able to stop the production or even the release of sperm.

Ilpo Huhtaniemi from the Imperial College of London in Britain said that, “Our research explains why the efficacy of male hormonal contraception is not as effective as expected and it provides clues on how to improve the method”.

Scientists have found that this male contraception approach with the help of testosterone has a problem, and that is spermatogenesis. This means that the production of sperm from the primordial germ cells does not stop.

It was found that administering increasing doses of testosterone to infertile mutant mice actually allowed sexual function to return.
Also the spermatogenesis returned at that dose.

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