6 Best Natural Oils For Face Massage

Face massage is very beneficial for the your skin, check out these best natural oils that could improve glow on your face.  

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: May 31, 2022Updated at: May 31, 2022
6 Best Natural Oils For Face Massage

Natural oils are very effective for your skin and health. To remove toxins from your skin and make it clean, you need to keep your skin nourished. For generations natural oils have kept us healthy and protected interests of our hair and skin. One of the early ways to keep skin glowing is to have face massage. Massaging your face by natural oils can actually moisturize your skin, add a protective layer and provide with antibacterial qualities. But with growing cosmetics use of chemicals have increased. Let us take you back to our roots and tell you about best natural oils that you can use for face massage. 

Best Natural Oils for Face Massage 

When you talk about natural oils, first thing that comes in our mind is coconut oil. But other than that, there are several other natural oils that can be used in terms of face massage to achieve glowing healthy skin. Natural oils are also more affordable and easily available, hence larger section of the society can take benefits of these oils for skincare.  

1. Coconut Oil 

To start with, we have all knowing coconut oil. It has numerous benefits on your skin and can be used to clears the toxins from the skin. It also has anti-bacterial and antifungal properties that could actually provide your with many important nutrients. Coconut oil contains vitamin E and K that are very healthy for your skin and can be easily absorbed by the skin. This could be used in most cases, other than if you have oily skin.


2. Olive Oil 

One of the most trendy oils to use, olive oil is typically very healthy for your skin. It does not trigger any type of allergic reactions on the skin if taken in extra-virgin variety and thus is mostly used for face massages. Olive oil is one of the best oils that could actually aid skin nourishment. It contains vitamins A, D, E and K that works exactly like a moisturizer. This can also be used for full body applications and could be a great choice as natural cleanser of the skin. Your skin won’t dry out for a few days after applying olive oil on skin.

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3. Sunflower Seed Oil 

Sunflower oil is usually used for cooking purposes as well. But sunflower seed oil is the one that is best natural oils for face massage and can be used multiple times. This oil contains high levels of vitamin E in them and absorbs into the skin quite naturally. It is an excellent choice when it comes to natural moisturized. Sunflower oil for face massage can be a good choice but apply it minimal quantity because it is sticky in nature and the person might feel a little uncomfortable. It could however protect your skin from infections, bacteria and viruses. Sunflower oil does not cause atopic dermatitis as with olive oil. 


4. Almond Oil 

This oil is made from raw almonds which are full of health benefits. It contains vitamin E, zinc, proteins and potassium that could add a shiny texture on your skin. It lightens the texture of the skin and therefore could be very effective in face massage. This could be particularly beneficial in winters because it does not bond together. However almond oils can have a few downsides like it could result to allergic responses and affects sensitive skin types sometimes.  

5. Rose Hip Seed Oil 

This oil is extracted from the seeds of the wild rose plant. Rose hip seed oil could particularly surge the facial glow and can enhance your look. This oil is just required in minimal quantity to actually have anti-aging benefits. Face massage from this natural oil could actually provide your skin with lost essential fatty acids that could increase antioxidants in the oil. It protects your face from getting inflammation and oxidative damage.  

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6. Grapeseed Oil  

Massaging the face with grapeseed natural oil can be nourish your skin and comes in the list of best natural oil. Grapeseed oil can have anti-inflammatory properties that could have potential benefits on the skin. This natural oil has antioxidants and antimicrobial properties that could be used for people having allergies from almond oil or any other natural oil. Grapeseed oil could have potential benefits if face massage is done on a regular or alternative day.

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