Diabetic Foot Treatment: Try Diabetic Shoes For Comfort And Health Benefits

For diabetic patients, even a small injury takes a long time to recover because high blood sugar in their blood slows rate of blood circulation.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: May 12, 2020
Diabetic Foot Treatment: Try Diabetic Shoes For Comfort And Health Benefits

It is essential to choose the right shoes. Otherwise, you may have a swollen heel or painful ulcers. But diabetes patients, i.e. diabetics, should take special care of what kind of footwear they are choosing for their feet. Wrong shoes can cause severe problems like foot ulcers, infections and even foot fractures. At the same time, a study done by a university of 'United Kingdom' showed that only one-fourth of the people of the world wear the right size shoes. According to the survey, 6 out of 10 people with diabetes wear the wrong size shoes due to which most diabetic people suffer from neuropathy and peripheral vascular disease. Do you know that the nerves of the feet become numb, due to which the feet do not feel hot, cold or any injury? It can later spread to the rest of the body like an infection. Due to peripheral vascular disease, our blood vessels begin to shrink. Due to which blood circulation starts to decrease. For this reason, if a patient suffers from a wound, then they would not be able to recover quickly.

A diabetic patient should wear diabetic shoes to give extra protection and comfort to their sensitive feet. Such shoes have extra depth, which does not put pressure on which part of the foot. These are one type of medical shoes, also known as sugar shoes. Let us tell you some unique features of these sugar shoes, keeping in mind that you buy them.

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Some unique features of Diabetic Shoes

diabetic shoe

  • The shoe should be soft from inside: When buying a shoe for any diabetic person, special care should be taken that the shoe is soft from inside, without any stitching that pricks the feet.
  • Stretchable - The upper part of the shoe should be very stretchable, which provides extra protection and comfort to the toes.
  • Extra-depth design - Shoes with a loose fit are always comfortable. For this, the shoe must have extra depth.
  • Deep Toe-Box - The best diabetic shoes have plenty of space to stretch the toe so that the feet do not have much pressure, and they remain free.
  • Multiple Widths - Diabetes patients should wear wide shoes, i.e. which are extensive in width.
  • Shoes with Light Soles - Light shoes improve the speed of the feet and thus make walking more comfortable.

Diabetic foot care

For people who have diabetes, they must take special care of their feet. Such people should be alert about the hygiene of the feet and any wound. Let us tell you some tips to take care of diabetic feet-

  • A diabetic patient should wash his feet every day properly.
  • Check the feet every day, so that any injury or change in the feet can be detected.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and socks for blood circulation in the feet.
  • Elevate the legs while sitting, move the toes from time to time and do adequate exercise.
  • Get your feet checked regularly.
  • Keep blood sugar under control.
  • Trim the nails carefully: Trim the nails of the foot and keep them short because any injury to the nail can cause infection.
  • Protect your feet from extreme temperatures: Exposure to extremely hot and cold can cause damage to the feet of people with diabetes.
  • Avoid smoking: Smoking affects blood circulation, which can worsen any foot problems in people with diabetes.

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