Benefits of growing a beard

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Sep 07, 2016

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Quick Bites

  • Most men don’t like to grow beard.
  • A large number of men look better in a beard.
  • It is very important to groom your beard.
  • A beard of right shape and length can make your more attractive.

Growing a beard is a ‘thing’ these days. Men are growing and grooming their beards to look more attractive and cool. But beard is something men grow by default and have only chosen to get rid of it, so does beard serve any purpose? Well, it can serve many purposes. It is very likely that you would want to grow a beard too after knowing about all the benefits. Here are some of the amazing benefits of keeping and grooming a beard.



Natural protection from sun

Men with at least couple of weeks old beard don’t need to worry about their cheeks getting any sort of damage from the sun. After all their face already has the best protective sun-proof covering. The hair from your beard can help prevent most of the rays from causing any harm to your skin. Clean-shaved men do need to wear some sort of suitable SPF protection on their cheeks when they walk out under the sun, but men with beard don’t have to anything.


Protection from diseases

You must be aware of the fact that most disease bearing bacteria enter your body through nose or mouth. That is why nature devised hair over the face and inside the nostrils to prevent foreign harmful substances like bacteria from entering the body. Men with beard are highly likely to be well protected from such foreign substances as compared to clean-shaved men.


Looks cool

No doubt some men look best when they shave, but that is not the case with everyone. A large number of men look better when they keep a beard on. The length of the beard that looks best on a person may vary from one man to another. So all you need to do is grow a beard and look at yourself in all lengths, you fill find the ‘perfect’ length that suits your face and facial features perfectly.


Makes you look mature

Men with well-groomed beard not only look cool and attractive, but they also look more mature. It gives other people an impression as if the person is more in control of his life and is responsible enough to care for his looks. However, that works only when you groom your beard. A fuzzy beard may do more damage to your looks than good.


Help with winters

Remember having to face that chilling winter breeze that felt like an ice-cold blow on the face? Well, men who keep beard don’t have to bear that breeze on their cheeks. The beard not only protects their cheeks from cold breezes but also keep their face warm. So next time you hear ‘winter is coming’, consider growing a beard to be better prepared for it.


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