5 Amazing Benefits of Doing Cardio in the Morning

Cardio in itself is a wholesome exercise, bestowing a lot of health benefits. It's benefits increase when done in the morning. Our fitness expert tells how.

Ms Althea Shah
Exercise & FitnessWritten by: Ms Althea ShahPublished at: Oct 16, 2017
5 Amazing Benefits of Doing Cardio in the Morning

Cardio Vascular or Cardio is any activity that increases your heart rate but to an extent where you can talk. Cardio is very important to be incorporated in your workout as it helps in giving the body the right shape. Usually there is no fixed time to do cardio; it usually depends on your state of mind and also on your way of life to a certain extent.
Each body has a different composition and metabolism and hence it is essential to know the right time for cardio for your body.

Benefits of Cardio When Done Early in the Morning

It’s a psychological concept that cardio should be done early in the morning as many people think it to be beneficial only in the morning. Some people think that when they do cardio in the morning, it keeps them fresh all day and hence they can work better. Also if the cardio is done in the morning you have the rest of the day for other commitments.

Cardio Basics

One thing about cardio that makes it is easy to do is that you need no special training for doing it. Any activity that increases your heart rate can be classified as a cardio activity. For e.g. a brisk walk – Not too slow and not too fast also but at a certain pace where in the breathing is heavy but you can still talk. Even walking up and down the stairs can give you the desired output of a cardio.

Changes in the Body Felt during the Morning

Low Insulin Levels - In a fasting state, your insulin levels are very low so it will help you mobilize fat to be oxidized.

Low Blood Sugar Levels - This will force your body to work on your fat because there is not enough glucose for energy.

Important Fact to Remember

Cardio is usually done in the morning when your stomach is empty. At such a time when you utilize energy for cardio the body doesn’t have energy enough to burn fat which can hamper performance.

Also when the stomach is empty the body reaches out to the muscles for energy and hence instead of losing the fat you might end up losing on the muscle mass of the body.

So Remember to Fuel yourself up 30 Minutes before Workout

During your cardio workout you use 50% energy from your glycogen store and the rest 50% from your fat. So when you do cardio on an empty stomach you have already used up your glycogen store so you directly hit on the fat zone. Initially you do lose fat but that is only during your workout and you lose less fat during the day.

But after eating your glycogen energy goes up and hence the body loses weight even in the whole day which will stay permanent. 

Inputs by Ms. Althea Shah, Fitness Expert and VP Marketing, Gold’s Gym India

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