Benefits of Applying Ice on Skin

Who would want to waste money and time on expensive skin care products when the same effects can be achieved by applying ice on your skin? Yes, an ice facial therapy is all you need to get that clear, glowing skin.

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Benefits of Applying Ice on Skin

Wonder why Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale character snow queen didn’t have under eye dark circles or wrinkles on her face? It’s because of her simple, little beauty secret- ice cube. And not just in fairy tales, real women like the queen of Russia, Ekaterina II have rubbed ice cubes on face, neck and neckline to preserve their beauty and refresh their complexion.

Which woman wouldn’t want her skin to remain young and beautiful for the longest time possible? A small ice cube can do wonders to keep your skin well in tne and texture. Using ice on face can minimize skin pores and control sebum production.

Using Ice for Skin as Make-up Rescue

An ice cube can be your saving grace if you have to go out and don’t have the time to put makeup on. Ice is good for your skin because it will provide you with a fresh dewy look and a radiant skin without any trace of makeup. Wrap an ice cube in a soft cloth and apply it on your skin. You can use this beauty trick even when you have to wear makeup; just rub an ice cube all over your face, and neck and apply your cosmetics. The makeup will last longer.

Benefits of Applying Ice on Skin

Tan Removal with Applying Ice Cube on Face

When applied to the skin, ice cools and soothes it down. Rubbing ice cubes on face cools off sunburn effectively. It even helps you get rid of skin tanning. Whenever you find time, apply an ice cube on the affected areas of your face once a day.

Painless Plucking is another Benefit of Applying Ice on Skin

The fortnightly procedure of painful plucking of facial hair cannot be skipped but, it can be made less painful. Rubbing an ice cube across the eyebrow line makes it numb temporarily, reducing the agony of plucking. And even the redness that follows plucking of eyebrows can be combated by doing the same.

Benefits of Applying Ice on Skin

Using Ice cubes for a Glowing Face

Ice cubes when applied to skin can improve the blood circulation and provide a healthy glow. It is believed to be helpful in preventing wrinkles and premature ageing. For a more radiant glow, you could freeze fresh fruit juice as cubes and apply over your face. The goodness of fruits will bestow a beaming complexion upon you.

Ice Cubes for Treating Dark Circles

Ogling eyes in front of the computer till late night and then letting hair down until early morning has become a part of modern life today. But the not-so-fun part of it is the dark circles which surprise or rather shock you often when you wake up in the morning. These ugly black patches over your eyelids can be faded with the help of ice cubes. Mix cucumber juice with the boiled (and cooled) rose water and freeze this mixture to keep on your under-eye circles. It will also help in reducing the puffiness.

Apply Ice Cubes on Face to Deal with Acne

Use ice cubes on blemishes at the first sign of a pimple to slow inflammation. Boil neem, tulsi and pudina leaves together for 20 minutes in one glass of water. Cool, strain and freeze this water to make ice cubes to cure pimples. Ice on your acne prone skin also helps antibacterial agents and topical antibiotics get into the pores because it makes the skin more permeable. So, your medical treatment for acne will work more efficiently if you regularly apply ice on your skin.

Ice Cubes on Face

Ice Facial for a Flawless Skin

An ice facial is an easy way to reap all the benefits of applying ice on skin. It is simple, effective and can be done in the morning/ or evening, whatever suits you. Here’s how to do it:

  • Start by thoroughly cleansing the face and then wrap one or two ice cubes in a soft washcloth. Wait for the ice to begin melting and the cloth to become damp. Now, apply to the face.
  • Hold the washcloth on different areas of the face for about one to two minutes and then start moving the ice cube gently in circular motions up along the chin and jaw line, cheeks forehead, and the nose. You must pay special attention underneath the eyes.
  • Complete the facial by applying a toner, acne treatment or moisturizer.

For additional benefits of applying ice on skin, you can freeze water with lemon, rosewater, green tea, cucumber, chamomile tea, and other skin-loving ingredients depending on your skin care needs and apply them on your face.

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