Laser Treatment: A Modern Tool To Enhance Your Beauty With Minimal Risk

The use of laser treatment for problems including skin, hair and beauty is rapidly increasing. Know some quick facts by renowned dermatologist.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Dec 03, 2019
Laser Treatment: A Modern Tool To Enhance Your Beauty With Minimal Risk

As we are moving towards new age and modern technologies, People are becoming more comfortable to experiment and use different tools. Whether Skin or other beauty treatments, people are now experimenting with the new developments which are available in the market.  They have become more conscious about their looks and how to enhance their overall persona for perfection. As per renowned dermatologist Dr. Ajay Rana, Director, Institute of Laser & Aesthetic Medicine, laser treatment is one of the beauty treatments that now people started using to enhance their beauty.

Quick facts about Laser

  • Lasers are sources of high-intensity light that usually focus on small spots with high energy to cure the affected body parts.
  • It helps in treating several skin disorders  like acne, scars and hair transplantaion. Ice Cube 2.0 is the latest Laser Hair Reduction Treatment.
  • Laser treatment is been extensively practised for blood vessel abnormalities and eye surgery.
  •  It is used to safely remove unwanted hair on any part of the body.

laser treatment

In laser treatments, the epidermis, and the outer layer of the skin is removed. At the same time, the dermis, which is the inner layer of the skin underneath the surface, is heated which stimulates the cells of the skin to produce elastin and collagen fibers. These modern treatments especially lasers are very helpful for skin treatments that result to solve the damaged skin due to injuries, wound healing and re-modeling of the skin. This process of the laser creates a new skin layer of cells on the skin and results in a smoother and tighter skin surface.

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Laser treatments are effective but there are many misconceptions that people have in the mind:

Myth: Laser treatments cause infections to skin

Laser treatments don’t cause any infections to the skin because in this treatment a beam of light is flashed on the affected skin areas so it is not cut open to expose the internal layers of the skin and veins.

laser treatment for skin

Myth: Lasers treatments can cause thinning of the outer layer of the skin.

Lasers treatments can cause thickening of the skin. Skin is a soft living tissue of the body. During the treatment, new collagen and elastin formation are induced in the body to replace the older damaged tissue. Lasers have a rejuvenating effect on the skin to reduce wrinkles and cause the skin to become plumper.

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Myth: Lasers can cause cancer.

Some people have a misconception that the application of laser treatments on the skin can cause life-threatening diseases like cancer. The light which is used in laser treatments does not have cancer-causing wavelengths.

At a time when laser is a frequent tool used by people to enhance the beauty but these myths about Lasers cannot affect the fact that it actually helps in skin rejuvenation. The procedure of aligning and tightening of the skin tissues, it helps to make the skin appear younger and fresher. After a few sessions of the treatment, people can get healthy and youthful skin without any side effects and harm.

With inputs from Dr. Ajay Rana, Dermatologist, Aesthetic Physician and Founder of ILAMED.

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