Ban on Junk Food at the London Olympics

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Jul 26, 2012

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If you are a fan of junk food and hopeful of finding cheesy burgers and mouth-popping colas at every corner of the venues of the London Olympics, you are in store for some disappointment. No, the Big Macs won’t be banned from the venue, but they only won’t be advertised enough, thereby making it difficult for you to navigate around to grab a few. The London Assembly has called for a ban on high calorie food and beverages at the venue by junk food giants McDonald’s and Coca-Cola. Just over a month ago, the elected body urged the International Olympic Committee to adopt strict sponsorship criteria to outlaw the advertising of products that can be linked to obesity.

The decision was taken by the body after several health organisations protested that the London Olympics is not the place to be tempting young people with Big Macs.


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Jenny Jones of the Green Party, who proposed the motion, said that London won the right to host the Olympics this year because of its promise to deliver a “legacy of more active, healthier children across the world”. Ironically, it is the same

One of the critics that were most vocal about not having high calorie food and non-alcoholic beverages at the event venue has been the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges. The academy thinks that selling such foods and drinks “sends out wrong message” to young people.

Fries, big Macs and milkshakes will be put in McDonald’s exclusively branded menu at four of its restaurants in Athlete’s Village and Olympic Park. The chair of AoMRCs, however, fears that advertisements for the sponsors may pose the greatest threat to children’s health.


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Despite all the criticism about Coca-Cola and McDonald’s advertising, without these companies, the Olympics would expose itself to a serious financial threat. Since 1928, Coca-Cola has sponsored all the Olympics, which has made the company the longest continuous partner of the Olympics movement. McDonald’s has been present since the Montreal Olympics held in 1976.

As far as the companies are concerned, Coca-Cola says that it is likely to spend more than 75% of drinks in the form of juice, water, and sugar-free drinks while McDonald’s is likely to sell healthier options, such as bagels, porridge and salads. The companies also pointed out that combating complex health issues, such as obesity, cannot be solved by companies alone, but by individuals, who need to make informed decisions in terms of what food to eat.


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