Ayurvedic pregnancy diet

Ayurvedic diet is very good during pregnancy as this kind of food is essential for mental and physical health of the coming baby.

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PregnancyWritten by: Eesha DuggalPublished at: May 27, 2015
Ayurvedic pregnancy diet

Nutritious diet becomes all the more important for a woman during pregnancy. It governs the health of not only the mother but the foetus as well. It thus, becomes imperative to pay extra attention to what you eat.


Amidst hundreds of dietary suggestions that a woman gets from her near and dear ones about what to eat and what not to eat, those associated with ayurveda are undoubtedly the most reliable ones. Ayurvedic pregnancy diet as discussed under garbhini paricharya is an ideal protocol for pregnant women.

Three types of ayurvedic foods

Ayurveda diet divides food into 3 categories: Satvik, rajasic and tamsic. Satvik food is fresh and nutritious; rajasic diet is energetic; and tamsic diet is somewhat heavy and dull. Of all these, satvik food is the best ayurvedic diet during pregnancy.

According to ayurveda, parents-to-be must adopt a satvik diet at least 3 months before conception. This diet should consist of fresh fruits such as peach, mango, peers and coconut. Basmati rice is a preferable option for the ayurveda dietary regime during pregnancy. Vegetables such as sweet potato, sprouts, parsley and squash cannot stay out of the list because of their high nutritional value. Kidney and lime beans, chicken and fish in moderate quantity are some other important satvik foods that the ayurvedic pregnancy diet is incomplete without. The mother-to-be is recommended to eat rice mixed with milk in liquid or semi solid form with ghee. Fish is healthy for a pregnant woman though red meat must be avoided as it carries the risk of causing toxic reactions in the system.

Ayurvedic Diet during Pregnancy

The diet plan

Every morning of the soon-to-be-mom must start with a glass of fresh juice or a fresh fruit; let porridge and cereals follow. If you like egg, go for a boiled one. Feel free to treat yourself with some almonds, fruit pieces, or cold milk spread on your boiled eggs. Ayurvedic diet during pregnancy would be ineffective without mentioning vitamin c which is greatly significant for both, the mother and the baby. Start your lunch with a salad of carrots, tomatoes and green veggies. After that you may start with rice or bread followed by some fresh vegetables or meat, if you wish. 

Talking about the development of the foetus, the first three months of pregnancy are highly critical. The foetus is in an intense need for growth, thus consumption of milk and other liquids such as water, coconut water and fruits juices becomes highly important.

During the seventh month, it is essential to reduce the intake of salt and fats. Go for rice kanji and ghee instead. Do not forget to enrich your ayurveda diet with cereals such as wheat, rye, oats, sprouts, beans, lentils, whole meal bread, soy beans, and dried peas. These food items have a wealth of proteins and they also constitute the perfect ayurvedic diet for pregnancy. Vegetables such as potatoes and spinach and also dates, almonds, figs, grapes and other dry fruits are also responsible for the sustenance of a foetus.

Pregnancy is an important event in any woman’s life. Selection of the right kind of pregnancy diet can in fact decide the mental and physical health of the baby. It is pretty understandable to be health conscious during this time but you can really pin your faith on an ayurvedic pregnancy diet because of its age old history of success.


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