Avoid These 5 Mistakes For Good Kidney Health; Read On

There are some lifestyle factors that affect your kidney health. Check out these mistakes that your should avoid for the same. Read on. 

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaPublished at: Jan 24, 2021Updated at: Jan 24, 2021
 Avoid These 5 Mistakes For Good Kidney Health; Read On

Kidneys are one of the most important organs of the body,  just like your heart, lungs, liver, etc. Healthy kidney function ensures smooth mechanism of many natural body processes. The main function the kidney performs is that they help in flushing out the waste, impurities and toxins from the blood and balancing the fluid present in your body. They extra toxins and water transfers to the urinary bladder for release in the form of urine. It is important to keep your health on track and go for regular checkups. Along with medical checkups, you also need to take care of your body by maintaining a certain healthy lifestyle. Optimum kidney health is essential to remove waste from the body and to produce hormones with healthy functioning. If you don't take proper care, then your kidney can get affected with several diseases like kidney cancer, kidney stones and chronic kidney disease. So, read this article further to know about the mistakes that you should avoid for good kidney health.  

Mistakes to avoid for kidney 

kidney health

Kidneys flush out waste materials and liquids from the blood. Moreover, the also help in maintaining the pH, salt, and potassium levels in your body. Hence, it becomes a priority to prevent it from diseases and keep the kidney healthy and functioning. It even regulates things like controlling blood sugar and blood pressure levels. So, here are 5 mistakes you should avoid to maintain good kidney health: 

1. Drinking less water 

One has to stay hydrated for many bodily functions and even for skin and hair care too. It is even more important to drink enough water for your kidneys. Drinking too much water can also lead to a high risk of kidney faliure. Therefore, you need to drink a good amount of water everyday for proper flushing out of toxins. Even doctors suggest to consume around 8-9 glass of water daily. Focus on drinking enough water so that your urine is light yellow in colour, or colourless. This will help in keeping your kidney healthy. 

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2. Maintain blood sugar levels

blood sugar levels

High blood sugar levels can trigger many kidney diseases. In order to prevent any kidney problems, you have to maintain your blood sugar. When your body’s cells are not able to use the glucose or sugar in your blood, the kidneys have to try for other methods for the processes. If this way goes on for a persistent period of time then it can lead to further damage and can be fatal.  So, do not let your blood sugar level spike as this is a common mistake that people make. 

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3. High salt intake

High salt intake can increase your blood pressure levels, which again is not good for your kidneys. Many doctors often advice patients with high blood pressure to cut down their salt intake. Therefore, you have to consume foods that are not very rich in sodium to maintain good kidney health  In fact, while cooking home cooked food also, you should take care of the amount of salt. You need to take a healthy diet and include food items recommended by your doctor. 

healthy diet

4. Avoid alcohol and smoking 

Kidneys play the role of filtering harmful toxins and waste products from the blood and that includes the effects of smoking and alcohol. You have to keep a control on such habits if you want your kidneys to stay healthy. Tobacco and alcohol and dangerous for your kidneys and many other organs as well. Smoking damages your body’s blood vessels adversely. This leads to a huge risk of reduced blood flow throughout your body and to your kidneys too. In fact, it can even result in kidney cancer. 

5. Maintain weight 

When we talk about the functioning of any organ of the body maintaing an optimum weight automatically comes in the picture. Along with a healthy diet, you have to maintain your weight as well. By keeping a check on your weight and measuring it according to your heigh can help in doing so. One has to to some kind of physical workout like exercise, cycling, swimming, dancing, etc for kidney health as well.  Regular exercise can help in preventing kidney diseases and many other health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Sweating plays a major role in regulating good kidney function. 

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