Avoid Giving Antibiotics To Kids, It Is Harmful To Them: Study

If you don’t know the potential risks of giving antibiotics to infants, you must read what this research has found.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Apr 08, 2021Updated at: Apr 08, 2021
Avoid Giving Antibiotics To Kids, It Is Harmful To Them: Study

Antibiotics are given to tackle bacterial infections that cause pain and discomfort to a person. While adults commonly take these, sometimes, infants are also administered with these to aid any existing health issue. But have you ever thought that if you give antibiotics to your baby often, it could impair his/her health in many ways? Yes, antibiotics in the early years can affect life in later years. Scroll down to read the detailed study on this topic.

Are Antibiotics Safe for Babies?

The Center for Advanced Biotechnology and Medicine at Rutgers conducted a study to analyze the effects of antibiotics on infants. According to the researchers, antibiotics exposure in infancy can affect gut health. This can cause an irreversible loss of T-cells in the colon which helps in developing the allergen response of the immune system.

Are Antibiotics Safe for Babies 

The journal ‘mBio’ published this study that shows how antibiotics can disrupt gut flora by altering intestinal microbiota. Trillions of good bacteria and healthy microorganisms reside in our bodies. These play a crucial role in securing holistic health. A lot of health issues particularly the ones associated with stomach health(like obesity, constipation, bowel diseases, etc.) can be kept at bay by these microorganisms. Antibiotics are helpful in treating bacterial infections but their overdose is not good for health. In infants, this causes a lifetime impairment of gut microbiota that can put the baby at risk of various bowel diseases in later life. This damage is irreversible and cannot be reversed with any treatment.

“By studying the exposure to newborns through lactating mothers, we see how the offspring acquire their mothers’ antibiotic-impacted microbiota, which compromises their ability to generate a pool of CD41 T cells in the colon, resulting in long-term damage. The consequences persist into adulthood, compromising the body’s ability to turn off allergic responses,” said one of the authors of this study Martin Blaser, Director, Center for Advanced Biotechnology and Medicine, Rutgers.

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Are Antibiotics Safe for kids


It is better to avoid giving antibiotics to kids as much as possible. Besides, give them only when it is required. They may get used to it which can create future troubles for them. Antibiotics abuse can damage their gut microbiota that can increase the risk of other diseases and infections. Be a responsible parent and know all the pros and cons of giving medicines before administering them.

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