Asthma Patients Celebrate Holi with Caution

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Mar 03, 2012

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Patients Celebrate Holi with CautionHoli is no different for individuals suffering from the health conditions like asthma. However, the health conditions could also pose a serious threat if basic rules and cautions are ignored. By ignoring cautionary measures, asthmatics could complicate their respiratory concern.


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Artificial Colours - Reason of Asthma Attack

Some of the holi colours are prepared with kerosene, which is quite harmful for patients. Asthma attack is one of the plausible impacts of the harmful colours. Moreover, dry colours should be avoided by asthmatics. One can play moderately with wet colours of a marked quality. However, most of the dermatologists suggest refraining from applying any kind of colour on skin for diabetes.

Boosting Immunity

As a precautionary measure against skin allergies and complications that arise during the festivity, asthmatics are advised to check with the expert for medicinal dosage. Generally, slight increase in medication and intake of zinc supplements is recommended for asthmatics by experts for boosting immunity.

Avoiding Contact of Artificial Holi Colours

The colours that are used nowadays for celebrating holi are chemically treated, prepared using acids, glass powder alkalis and even dyes. These compounds influence health condition of asthmatics and could worsen it. In order to prevent influence on health, patients should strictly avoid any contact with synthetic holi colours.


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Word of Caution for Preventing other Skin Complications

Skin pigmentation, rashes and eczema are among other skin complications that arise due to influence of artificial colours. Moreover, some of the holi colours are prepared using synthetic resins, PPT and lead that worsen the health complications.

General Precautionary Measures

  1. Once can apply moistening cream, or lotion, or oil thickly on parts of the body in order to restrict effect of artificial holi colours.
  2. In order to lessen the impact, clothing must cover maximum portion of the body.
  3. For hair care, oil your hair thoroughly and tie them. Moreover, tie a bandana for maintaining hold of hair. Doing this will help in protecting hair from harmful effects of synthetic colours.
  4. Sunglasses can be used for protecting eyes from water jets.


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