Asking her Hand in Marriage

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Apr 21, 2012

Asking your prospective wife’s hand in marriage may be one of the most difficult tests you put yourself through. The good news is that you can easily sail through with these tips that we have compiled on how you can ask your lady’s hand in marriage without letting your shoulders crouch down in nervousness and fear of rejection.


Asking her Hand in MarriageFirst, Talk to your Girlfriend

It won’t be a happy moment to surprise your girlfriend by asking her father about marrying her when she doesn’t want to. Before you go and have a man-to-man conversation with your prospective father-in-law, ensure that your girlfriend is on the same side of the pole as you are. Ask her if she wants to commit to you for a lifetime. If she agrees, ask her how much time there is before she wants to get hitched.


Meet Him before Asking Her Hand

If possible, meet her parents before you decide to talk about your plans to marry her with them. The best part of meeting them beforehand will give you an insight into the kind of people they are and help you discuss your plans easily.  


Decide on the Location of the Meeting

There are many ways in which you can discuss about marriage with her father, but the best one is to take him out on a dinner. Well, in fact, the best way of talking out your marriage plans depends on the kind of person that her father is. Talking about marriage at dinner may be a bit more comfortable than taking a walk or on phone.


Start by Expressing your Feelings


The best part to starting a conversation on something as important as marriage to the father of someone you love is expressing your feelings for her. Tell him what it means to you to marry his daughter. Assure him that you are well aware about what it means to commit to someone for a lifetime.


Promise to Take Care of Her

Once you have got the green signal, tell him that you will take care of her. He may not be completely convinced about getting her married to you until you talk about taking care of her just as he did ever since she was a baby. Do not make false promises if you cannot abide by them. Be truthful to yourself and her.

Respectfully Ask for Blessings

Once the conversation has ended, ask him for support and blessings.


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