Is Getting Artificial Nails Safe? Know The Health Risks Associated With Nail Enhancements

If you think nail extensions to be safe, this article is an eye-opener for you. Know all the health risks associated with artificial nail here.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Dec 27, 2019 15:20 IST
Is Getting Artificial Nails Safe? Know The Health Risks Associated With Nail Enhancements

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Long, healthy and beautiful nails are every woman’s dream. Some are naturally blessed with such nails while rest of them get their nails done to make them perfect-looking. The thriving nail art industry has made has made this beauty treatment massively popular and you’d find nail art studios or nail parlors at every nook and corner! These give a desired makeover to your otherwise ugly or unseemly nails with artificial nails or nail extensions. This has become a fashion and every fifth women undergo this treatment. While this does looks fancy, its unspoken side-effects are scary! There are certain downsides of synthetic nail treatments that most of the women are unaware of. Let’s tell you the health dangers of artificial nails in this article.

Types Of Artificial Nails

There are three types of nail enhancements to beautify nails:

  • Acrylic
  • Gel
  • Silk
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Are Artificial Nails Safe?


Due to the extensive use of chemicals in the process, you natural nails are highly likely to get infection. Bacteria, yeast, or fungi may crop up in the gap between the nails which may lead to fungal or bacterial infection. The most prominent sign of nail infection is that you nails will become green or blue along with spots. If left untreated, these may cause severe skin infection.

Allergic Reactions

The chemical used to apply or remove artificial nails can cause your skin to become agile. The chemicals it uses to add or remove redness, swelling around your nails can irritate your skin. You can cause redness, pus, or swelling around your nails. Because of this, it can sometimes cause discomfort in many people.

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Weak nails

To remove artificial nails, acrylic or gel nails, you have to soak your fingers in acetone for 10 minutes or longer. This chemical dries out your real nails and can irritate your skin. In addition, it makes thin, weak, and delicate unruly real nails.

Nail Care Tips To Minimize Damage

If you absolutely love artificial nails, here are some tips to secure nail health and avoid its pitfalls. 

  • If you already have a fungal infection, stay away from artificial nails. 
  • Tell your salon manicurist not to cut or cut the cuticles too much. Because they help prevent infection.
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  • Choose a salon for artificial nails that hardens gel polish with LED lights, with small amounts of UV light. Apply broad-spectrum sunscreen on your hands before going under the light.
  • Use cream moisturizer on your nails, especially when you soak them in acetone.
  • Take a break from artificial nails every two months. This will be helpful in getting your real nails right and avoiding chemical exposure.

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