Are You New Parents And Experiencing Changes In Your Bond With Your Spouse? Here's What You Can Do

Having a baby is a very happy change but it will bring with it some challenges of its own. Here is how you can handle some major changes

Arushi Bidhuri
MarriageWritten by: Arushi BidhuriPublished at: Feb 06, 2020Updated at: Feb 06, 2020
Are You New Parents And Experiencing Changes In Your Bond With Your Spouse? Here's What You Can Do

With the entry of a little bundle of joy, two people truly become one. A child marks the beginning of something very special. A cuddly, bubbly baby whom you will love to eternity and with whose entrance your life will become more fulfilling. But how exactly does a baby change your life? Is it all positive? Relationships with partners often change after a baby. It is one of the biggest transformations of your life. Of course, it will be a very happy change but it will bring with it some challenges of its own. 

Challenge 1: Parenting Disparities 


It is okay if you and your partner have different perspectives on parenting – because great minds don’t think alike. Some parents find that they have different opinions on parenting their children and it often becomes the cause of conflict. It is very easy that one parent starts behaving like the “expert” while undermining the other. 

Solution: Accept that both of you have a different approach to parenting that your partner’s methods must be respected because there is no right or wrong in good parenting. Respect each other’s opinions! 

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Challenge 2: No Time for Physical Relationships


You’re tired, covered in slobber and not getting enough sleep – thanks to all of this your physical relationship has taken a backseat. 

Solution: There are multiple physical and emotional changes that happen after a baby. You must have patience, understanding and a little bit of humour to get through this phase. It will get better after a while. 

Challenge 3: Communication Gap 


After a tiring day, you might not be able to have a conversation with your partner and might even end up developing a communication gap. 

Solution: Open and honest communication is vital in any relationship, especially in the case of new parents. Make time to talk to each other, try and listen carefully and try not to criticize or blame each other in any case.

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Challenge 4: No Time Together or For Yourself 


With a baby, you hardly get time for yourself or each other. Sometimes you might not get the time and sometimes you might get together but end up bickering. 

Solution: Being with each other and spending time with yourself are both very important. Making time for each other and yourself will make you happy, which in turn will make you more likely to be happy in your role as a parent. 

Some More Tips 

  • Don’t be too hasty in your decisions.
  • Apologize for false accusations and constant nagging if you’re guilty of it. 
  • Express your feelings and ask your partner if they’re okay because nobody is a mind reader. 
  • Give your partner a chance to respond in conversations. 
  • Solve one problem at a time and don’t bring the past in between arguments. 
  • If the fight gets too heated, take 10-20 minutes off (as hard as it may seem, just try). 
  • Focus on solving the problem instead of blaming each other.

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