Are Mobile Phones Bad For Your Body? Here Are The Health Effects Of Wireless Device Radiations

Using wireless devices like mobile phones and laptops can be bad for your body as they release harmful radiations. Check out these health effects

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Are Mobile Phones Bad For Your Body? Here Are The Health Effects Of Wireless Device Radiations

It is very difficult to make your kids avoid mobile phone usage. Not just kids, adults too have an addiction to social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp etc. In fact, nowadays, all the work is being done through laptops and mobile phones only. Due to Corona Virus, every individual has been competing the office work, online classes and everything else through these devices only. There is no going back and the development of technology is increasing day by day. The upcoming generations will be even more quicker in picking onto the trends and addiction of social media. A person should do a wireless devices detox once a month. However, excessive usage of devices like mobile phones, laptops, etc can be harmful for your body in a way you cannot even imagine. The antennas in these wireless devices release radio frequency radiations. For example, a mobile phone connects to any telephone network through radio waves with the help of a local antenna. Read further to know about the health effects of device radiations.


Health risks of mobile phones

The electromagnetic radiations of mobile phone have a deep and harmful effect on your health. The consequences of enjoying this luxury are real and tough. You should avoid sleeping with your phone right beside your head and have a habit of using it very less. We have listed down some ways that reflect the connection between mobile phone and health. Check out these health effects of wireless device radiations:

1. Cancer 

Mobile phones increase the risk of getting brain cancer or tumors. The rays are very harmful for your mind and body. Radio frequency energy is not the reason for DNA damage, but can result in causing cancer. The radiations have a negative impact on the human body like tissue heating. However, many studies don't have a proper evidence of the relationship between mobile phone use and cancer. 


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2. Male fertility 

Many research studies showed the impact of mobile phone radiation on male sperm quality. The radio frequency and electromagnetic radiation has harmful effects over male fertility. Therefore, avoid the use of phones in order to prevent the decrease of sperm count. 

3. Affects children 

We already know that all wireless devices have a deep bad influence on your kids. The usage of mobile phones has a greater risk of causing brain tumor in teenagers. You need to pay attention and make your children quit this habit.  

4. Blood - brain barrier

Another effect is on the blood brain barrier. As the name speaks for itself, there is a barrier between the brain’s blood vessels (capillaries) and the cells and other components that make up brain tissue. It is wise to keep your phone away as these radiations leave an impact on the blood brain barrier too. 


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5. Electromagnetic hypersensitivity 

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity is also one of the health risks of wireless devices. Many users have reported a different feeling after using their mobile. The electromagnetic rays can have an effect on your feelings. However, there is no proved medical diagnosis of the same. 

These were the health effects of wireless device radiations. You should avoid the usage of cell phones and other devices to protect you and your kids from the harmful radiations. 

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