Are Acupuncture Slippers Useful? Know When These Can Be Avoided

Acupuncture is a great way to get rid of several pains and aches in the body without relying much on medicines and drugs

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikUpdated at: Mar 12, 2020 13:59 IST
Are Acupuncture Slippers Useful? Know When These Can Be Avoided

There exist various health concerns, which can certainly be cured with the help of alternative therapies. Moving over from regular medications, many people resort to acupuncture to cure several pain-related illnesses and health concerns. This traditional Chinese treatment involves the use of needles at various pressure points in the body for relief from pain. This traditional cure involves channelling the positive energy flow in the body for overall wellbeing. Acupuncture is believed to work to balance the energy in a person's body and helps keep a person away from headaches, blood pressure, cold, cough and other diseases. The use of acupuncture first started in China thousands of years ago, but gradually came in use in several countries as an alternative medicine for various diseases.


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What is Acupuncture

This traditional Chinese medicine describes the universe and the body in terms of two opposing forces; yin and yang. When these two forces are in balance, the human body remains healthy. In this medical system, energy called chi (qi) flows through the special pathways called meridians throughout the body. However, when the flow of energy is interrupted, it causes pain, disturbances in bodily functions and diseases.

Acupuncture For Pain


It has been proven that acupuncture works effectively to overcome the problem of chronic pain. A study has found that practising acupuncture continuously for eight weeks provides considerable relief from neck pain, arthritis, shoulder pain and headaches. Apart from this, practising it with the right method and right acupuncture pressure point also relieves the problem of osteoarthritis and muscle pain. Moving over the need of going to specialists, a lot many people are now resorting to the use of acupuncture slippers for daily use. This is because most of us do not realise the stress that our body regularly handles, making way for acupuncture slippers as it is practically not possible to massage your feet every day. But are these slippers useful? Some potential benefits of acupuncture slippers can be:

  • Better sleep: Walking in these slippers gives relief from certain pains and aches in the body due to better blood circulation while on the move. This leads to a better sleep pattern and relaxed nerve muscles while at rest.
  • For aches and pains: Recommended by many for reducing aches in the body, this slipper can help get relief from ankle, neck and thigh pain, and headaches too. But, this does not mean that one should give up their normal footwear.
  • Relief from restless leg syndrome: The constant urge to move the leg is categorised as the restless leg syndrome. Hence, walking wearing such slippers presses several nerve endings, which increases blood circulation and reduces the urge to move legs.

Are These Healthy For Use?


In most cases, walking in acupuncture slippers can be highly comforting. But, a lot many doctors are not in favour of suggesting this for DAILY use. As per Waldemar Majdanski, a Podiatrist from Brooklyn, NY suggests that permanent use of such slippers can irritate the foot bones and lead to aches due to prolonged use. Some even mention how there is no specific research done on the use of these slippers, including Podiatrist Dr Anthony M. Caristo from Newark.

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Some even mention how other health concerns can cause great problems due to the prolonged use of acupuncture slippers. Dr Philip J. Jimenez, Podiatrist from Cranford, NJ says that acupuncture slippers are great for use but not every time or for prolonged hours. Some health concerns, including diabetes, vascular diseases and arterial insufficiency require great care and anyone suffering from these conditions should always consult a specialist before making any such things like acupuncture slippers a part of their everyday life. He also explains how the different foot size can be a problem as those with higher arches can feel slight discomfort after wearing such slippers for more hours.

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