Antibiotic made from human sweat may cure TB

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Feb 25, 2013

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Antibiotic made from human sweat may cure TB

Compounds found in human sweat, called antimicrobial peptides (AMPs), have promised to have the molecular key for development of the next generation antibiotics. Researchers believe that the natural antibiotic formulated of human sweat could help fend off deadly strains of tuberculosis.


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When we sweat, sweat glands produce anti-microbial (antibiotic) peptide known as dermcidin. Antimicrobial peptides are an integral part of the epithelial innate defence system, which combats germs when skin gets injured by a cut, scratch or bug bite.


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The researchers at the University of Edinburgh have uncovered the atomic structure of the compound, which has enabled them to pinpoint the effectiveness dermcidin as a weapon to fight against bugs.

There are about 1,700 types of these natural antibiotics that exist and scientists are unsure how most of them work.


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