Anesthetics can affect teeth development in children

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Sep 08, 2015

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The use of local anesthesia while doing dental surgery can affect cell growth in tooth as well as development of children’s teeth. A recent study has shown for the first time that local anesthesia can affect development of children’s teeth in the cellular as well as molecular levels.

dental surgery for kids

Researchers used human young permanent tooth pulp cells and pig teeth to conduct their research and identified that local anesthetics commonly used in clinics can affect the spread of tooth cells.

According to researchers, dental treatment makes use of frequent local anesthetic compared with any other clinical area. Even though the maximum dosage of different anesthetics has been established, its side-effects on dental tissues has until recently not been investigated completely.

The study had found that the more one is exposed to high concentrations of local anesthetic the more he/she was likely to incur harm from its usage. This is because anesthesia interferes with the functioning of mitochondria or batteries of the cell. They can also induce cell death through a mechanism called autophagy.
The researchers later emphasized that further clinical studies are needed before there can be enough data to alter the clinical guidelines. They also said that parents must not be alarmed or withdraw their children from children if they need it.

The idea of the research finding is to let parents understand that they need to pay attention to and help their children practice oral hygiene instead of undergoing unnecessary dental surgeries such as tooth extractions.

The study has been published in the journal Cell Death Discovery.

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