Ayurveda Expert Explains Tips For Good Digestion Of Food

Cumin has anti-inflammatory properties. Cumin seeds are an effective digestive aid when used alone or with other herbs. 

Written by: Sambhav Kumar Updated at: 2023-03-03 16:08

Ayurveda is an ancient healthcare system based on the tridosha principle that explains a balance between, vata, pitta, and kapha. These tridoshas provide the foundation of Ayurvedic diagnostic and therapy principles, particularly digestion-related principles.

Vata dosha is in charge of circulation, excretion, and the neurological system. Pitta means "which digests", it's no surprise that it is responsible for digesting and physical energy.

Kapha dosha is responsible for structural stability. It functions as a cementing agent, providing weight, heft, and strength to your body.

In an interaction with OnlyMyHealth, Dr Ganesh Chaudhary, an Ayurveda expert from Manigacchi, Bihar, explained tips for better digestion. 

Fennel Seeds

According to the principles of Ayurveda, fennel seeds are an excellent digestive herb. They stimulate our digestive system without overheating the body and can help relieve cramping, heartburn, bloating, and gas produced after meals. If you get indigestion or other stomach discomforts after eating, try chewing a teaspoon of raw or lightly roasted fennel seeds after meals.

Cumin Seeds

Cumin has anti-inflammatory properties. Cumin seeds are an effective digestive aid when used alone or with other herbs. They help weight loss, reduce drug dependency, fight inflammation, and are high in antioxidants.

Carom Seed Or Ajwain

Carom seeds, high in vitamins and minerals, are highly recommended in Ayurveda for weight management. It aids in cleansing your digestive system and increases metabolism, leading to weight loss. It also keeps your lungs and pharynx clean, especially for asthmatic people.


According to research, meditating every day for a significant length of time can have a commendable effect on your body and aid in improving digestion. Meditation helps in the restoration of the balance of tridoshas, which benefits the digestive system. During sunrise meditating for 20-40 minutes daily is recommended to get your body moving and reap the most advantages.

Avoid Overeating

If you are always wondering how to improve your digestive system, the answer is to regulate your eating habits. When you overeat, your body and digestive system suffer. It also makes correct digestion of the food harder. This, in turn, causes indigestion, pain, and acidity. The key to improving your digestive system is to eat in moderation and not overeat. Ayurveda advocates leaving some free space in the stomach to aid in food digestion. It is usually best to eat set or minimal portions of food.

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A High Fibre Diet

A diet rich in fibre comprises whole grains, vegetables, legumes, and fruits, which can help enhance your digestive health. A high-fibre diet aids in food movement through your digestive tract, making constipation less common. It also aids in the prevention or treatment of a variety of digestive problems.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Dehydration is known to cause stomach problems. Dr. Ganesh suggests consuming 3 litres of water per day to keep your digestive tract hydrated. Water is used by our intestines to move digested waste through the system. Take the time every day to drink the amount of water you need at regular intervals.

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Detox Regularly

In books of Ayurveda, when we try to find the answer of how to improve our digestion? detoxification is always the answer. Frequent detoxification renews and restores the tissues. Detoxification is also a natural technique of clearing out dangerous toxins and free radicals from the system, which can cause obstructed intestines, irregular bowel motions, and a slow and inactive digestive system. Most people can detoxify their bodies from a simple fruit juice diet once a week.

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