Allergies and Fever may Increase Severity of Migraine Headaches

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Nov 28, 2013

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A new study has linked the frequency of migraines to irritation and inflammation of the nasal mucus membrane caused by allergic and non-allergic triggers.

nasal allergies migraineThose with nasal allergies and hay fever are 33 percent more likely to have more frequent migraines than those without these conditions, revealed a new study.  Researchers looked at the data from nearly 6,000 migraine sufferers who filled out a questionnaire in 2008 as part of the American Migraine Prevalence and Prevention Study.

According to the news release, it is not sure whether the allergies and hay fever causes the increased frequency of headaches or whether the migraine attacks themselves produce symptoms of allergies and hay fever. If allergies and hay fever worsen migraine symptoms, as the study findings suggest, treating these nasal conditions may help relieve headache in people with both disorders

The report was published online in the journal Cephalalgia.




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