You could Stay Young by Exercising Regularly

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Nov 27, 2013

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move around to stay youngNew study says that exercise among older adults can help you to ward off depression, dementia, and other such health problems. This also includes heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Exercise was found to increase the odds of healthy ageing by sevenfold. The good news is that it is never too late to start, which means that even adults who do not begin exercising until they are older can increase the odds of healthy ageing by threefold.

Mark Hamer, the lead researcher from the department of epidemiology and public health at the University College London, England, said, "In a growing elderly population, it is important to encourage healthy aging. Physical activity is effective in maintaining health in old age. Encouraging physical activity in older adults is of benefit, and small changes are also linked to healthier aging."

The report was published on the 25th of November online in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. The benefits of exercising also include better circulation and improved bone, muscle, cardiovascular and organ health. Furthermore, even the brain benefits from regular exercise and this helps in increasing communication between neurons and slows the brain tissue loss that is associated with ageing and mental decline.

The main question that is left unanswered is how to motivate and support people of all ages so that they can get moving and keep fit.

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