Affliction of Diabetes Type 2 increases by Tenfold by Diabetes Gene

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Jun 24, 2014

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A recent study has found that a diabetes gene increases the risk of type 2 diabetes affliction by at least tenfold in a lot of people. There are few people who are at a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes in the later parts of their lives. A relatively new gene mutation can help one to detect such people without a mistake.

diabetes geneA more recent research that was published in the journal Nature was conducted by Professor Torben Hansen of the University of Copenhagen with his team. The researchers studied 2570 people for genetic links to type 2 diabetes.

The researchers were taken aback when they discovered that a certain mutation in the gene called TBC1D4 ups the likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes in such people. The researchers also found that the gene was present in at least 17 percent of the people who were surveyed.

Professor Hansen said, “We have identified a new and novel type 2 diabetes gene with a huge increased risk due to insulin resistance in muscle”. This genetic susceptibility, the researchers said, cause an almost tenfold increase in the risk of developing the condition. Moreover, it also gives an insight into the many causes of type 2 diabetes.

The researchers added that it is not true to assume that it is the first time that scientists have found a link between gene mutation and diabetes risk. There are a variety of genes that have already been found and it is going to help the doctors to identify as well as diagnose the condition and forewarn the patients that they may suffer from diabetes type 2 because they are predisposed to as a result of their genes.

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