Advisory regarding heat stroke

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May 20, 2016

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Heat Stroke is a medical emergency and results from prolonged exposure to high temperatures (40 deg C) or physical exertion, usually in combination with dehydration. If left untreated, this condition can affects vital organs and can prove fatal in severe cases.


heat stroke



•         Sudden rise in body temperature

•         Rapid heartbeat, which may be either strong or weak


•         Rapid, shallow breathing

•         Behavioral changes such as confusion, disorientation, or staggering

•         Seizures

•         Unconsciousness

•         Throbbing headache

•         Dizziness, Nausea and vomiting

•         Lack of sweating despite the heat

•         Red, hot, and dry skin


•         Avoid very sudden temperature changes – shut off the cooling to reach room temperature for five minutes before stepping out in the sun

•         Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, especially during afternoons, if unavoidable, cover your head

•         Wear light-coloured cotton clothing so that there is enough ventilation

•         Keep yourself well hydrated – drink 5 to 7 lts of water during the day


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