A Burp Indicates Towards These 4 Things About Your Health

Burping for you may be a normal yet uncontrollable syndrome but happens for a reason.

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikPublished at: Jun 22, 2020Updated at: Jun 22, 2020
A Burp Indicates Towards These 4 Things About Your Health

Did you know that burping is your body’s way to give out the excess air trapped in the upper digestive tract? In Most cases, burping or belching happens when there is extra air in the stomach, leading to sudden sound coming due to accumulated gas in the oesophagus. Hence, in most cases, a burp happens for a reason. There are certain factors, which may trigger the accumulation of gas in the digestive tract. In this article, we tell you how your burp can say about these four different things going on in your body. But, remember, after reading this article, do not try to stop belching as it may even lead to some complications. There is always a subtle way to burp in public. Still cover your face, try to go towards a corner if you can feel it coming or excuse yourself if it happens suddenly.

Burping After A Heavy Meal


Larger meals may satisfy your hunger pangs, but it can also lead to distress in the intestines, leading to burping. As per studies, an expert should have 1 to 1.5 litres of food and liquids and anything further increases the pressure on the stomach and the upper digestive tract of the body, hence leading to the need of extra air to surpass. The gas accumulated in the stomach due to eating a lot needs a passage; the only way for it is to come out as a burp.

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Eating At A Lightning Speed

We always heard our parents telling us to drink and eat slowly. Every thought of asking them a valid reason for the same? Yes, eating or swallowing food too fast can lead to various stomach issues. One of them is that while eating fast, we end up swallowing a lot of air too. Hence, eating too quickly can lead to a lot of burps. So the key here is to eat slowly, chew the food properly and swallow nicely. Also, one should know that eating fast can even lead to choking, especially in kids. Hence, caution is required.


Some Vegetables Make you Burp Too

Certain sugars, starches and fibre-enriched food also could be a reason for burping for many. In several cases, the burp has an odour due to the presence of sulphur compounds in the food. These foods include onions, broccoli, fish, garlic, etc. We are not saying that one should stop eating these food items as they are correctly healthy but more burping than normal can be an indication of a digestive issue. It also happens mostly in those who are lactose intolerance as in such cases the bacteria leads to more burps, farts and even bloating.  

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It Could Be IBS Too

Burping with other symptoms like pain in stomach, diarrhoea, gas,  and other similar factors could even be an indication of IBS or irritable bowel syndrome. In IBS, it is common for the patient to pass frequent gas in the form of farts and burps. Hence, one should immediately look for a solution to this health concern as it could just be the starting of the doom. IBS can also lead to disturbed mental health conditions in many. Hence, therapies, medication and diet modification can help in treating IBS to a great extent.

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