A 7-Step Guide to Accomplishing Anything You Want in Life

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Feb 12, 2018
Quick Bites

  • Make sure that you know what your goal is
  • Narrow your goals down to something achievable
  • Be prepared to face failure and rejection
  • Take full responsibility of your actions

All of us have great expectations from life, from the many degrees that we graduate in, from the many jobs that we change and even from the many friends that we make. Whether it is the job that you want or a better score at emotional intelligence, these 7 steps will help you accomplish anything that you want in life. So, are you ready?

Be Sure of What your Goal is

“I want a job that I love” is not a goal. Make it narrower. Bring it down to what you would see yourself doing. If it is writing, then exactly what kind of writing would you prefer? Do you want to write a book? Narrow your goal to its tether. Hopefully, you would realise by the end of this exercise that you have more goals than the time to accomplish them. So, settle for completing one at a time or you’ll end up getting nothing done.

Make a Road Map

If you think there is no one you can discuss your life’s plans with, find solace on the internet. Research about those people who have achieved what you have always aspired to accomplish. Study how they reached their goal and make a list of all the small, manageable steps that you can take to get closer to your goal. It is several times more effective when you see how you are going to get what you want. Put your ideas on a piece of paper; do not let it float aimlessly in your mind.

Obsess your Goal

Most of us drop the ball in the midway. We begin to fear failure or rejection and doubt ourselves. It is important to put away such thoughts of denial that crop up, especially when you are in the middle of getting closer to achieving your goal. Start obsessing over your plan. Fall in love with it. Tell yourself that your goal is what you are living for at the moment and conjure up all the nice things that will happen once you have achieved it.

Notice the Positive Results

There is nothing more worth anticipating than fruitful results. You need to a keep a journal of your progress. When you keep building on this journal, you will create momentum, which is just the sweet spot that you have been desperate to see. Do not be dependent on how things are supposed to turn out. Keep everything aside and notice all the nice things that have come out of your efforts. Remember that of whatever you are doing, a greater part is right.

Be Prepared

Nothing that is worth being proud of comes easy. You have got to be prepared to take the cold showers when it is necessary. To get to your goals, you may have to walk that extra mile, make a few discomforting calls, forego 8 hours of sleep, etc.

Accept Pain

Failures and setbacks are inevitable no matter how much you have tried. Take failures as signs of what works and what doesn’t. Take them as cues to what you are exactly capable of and what it is really that needs polishing as you get closer to your goal. By accepting pain, you will emerge as a much stronger person.

Take Complete Responsibility

Achieving your goals means that you are rebuilding yourself to become a new, better person. So, you must abstain from complaining, blaming, making excuses, etc.  It is your responsibility that will give you a better sense of worth once you have achieved your goal than anything else.

As far as making unimportant choices in life are concerned, you could put your instinct forward, but if the question is about how bright or dim your future will be, contemplate. Do not jump into conclusions about your goals just because you have to put your thoughts down. Always analyse to feel better and happier.

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