7 things people fear most and how to overcome them

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Oct 31, 2017
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  • We all have something that sends chills down our spine.
  • It may be the fear of heights, water or the fear of losing loved ones.
  • The phobias becomes increasingly scarier when you overcome them.
  • Use your will power against your fear to overcome it.

We all have something that sends chills down our spine. It may be the fear of heights, water or the fear of losing family members. Here is a look at some of the common things that people fear and what they can do to overcome them.

Public Speaking

Standing in front of an audience and speaking into a mic terrifies many people. Do not expect yourself to be perfect. The fact is no body is. Try to avoid being nervous about your nervousness, avoid equating public speaking to your self-worth and do not assume that mugging up a page of your essay will make you a good speaker.


It is one’s social fear that makes people act the way they do. If it wasn’t for rejection, we wouldn’t have wanted to follow the actions of other’s blindly. We fear rejection because it is synonym with the fear of being alone. If you try you will make things happen. If you don’t succeed, try until things happen.


Losing Loved Ones

We always fear losing the people we love. We feel terrified by the thought of a dreadful feeling of emptiness that it may cause. While it is not in our best efforts to stop someone from death, you must value your loved ones and try to give them all the time you can when they are with you.


The Future

The future is uncertain but we still worry about it. We are always anxious and afraid that things might turn out like we do not want and this anxiety plays in our mind all the time. To get rid of this fear is to plan and prepare for most things well in advance and try to do one’s best.



If you are afraid of heights, you can’t climb a ladder without shaking or you perhaps always want to be on safe ground. To conquer any fear, you must first accept it. You need to acknowledge that it is just in your mind.


overcoming your fears


Animal Phobia

Animal phobias include fear of snakes, fear of spiders, fear of rodents and fear of dogs. The phobia becomes increasingly scarier and more daunting in your mind as you heard of awful incidences. To quit fearing these animals, you could read on them to further expand your knowledge about them, watch pleasant videos with them in it, visit a zoo, try petting under expert supervision, etc.


Situational Fears

Such fears are triggered by a specific situation such as fear of enclosed spaces, fear of darkness, etc. In such cases, you may take the help of relaxation techniques. Deep breathing can help you feel less tense.


Avoiding fears only makes them scarier. Whatever it is that terrifies you, you always have the option to use your will power and overcome it.


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