7 Surprising Ways Your Underwear Affects Your Health

Do you know that your underwear is closely related to your health? Get detailed information in this article

Gandharv Gulati
Written by: Gandharv GulatiUpdated at: Mar 22, 2020 09:21 IST
7 Surprising Ways Your Underwear Affects Your Health

This might sound extremely bizarre but your underwear does affect your health in many ways. Innerwear is a part of hygiene which has an important role to play in keeping one's health and wellness. For example, wearing dirty undergarments affect your personal hygiene and may cause serious implications for private parts. Negligence can be hazardous in case of personal hygiene and wearing wet, dirty or tight innerwear is a serious problem. These not only irritate the sensitive skin around the genitals but also cause infections. Here are some ways how innerwear affects your health.

Scented detergents irritate the skin


We cannot stop the use of detergents but we can definitely stop using the scented ones. Those with natural ingredients and fragrance are better to invest in. The other scents are created with chemicals that are harmful to the skin.

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Wearing wet underwear can cause yeast infections

Until and unless you are underwater, never wear moist innerwear. This can harm your genital part by triggering yeast or fungal infections. Moisture allows the bacteria to home in your wet clothes. Therefore, it is not advisable to hang around in wet or sweaty underwear. 

Shape underwear affect blood circulation

If you are someone who wears shape underwear, this point is extremely important for you. Wearing this shapewear for a longer time hampers blood circulation to the private part which not only inhibits blood flow but also triggers gas, bloating and indigestion as it constraints the abdomen part.

Wearing tight innerwear may cause ingrown hairs


If you don’t want to encounter ingrown hair problems around the private area, never wear tight underwear. Ill-fitting not only gives an uneasy feeling but it also creates friction which can develop ingrown hairs around that area. Not just that, you may also suffer from yeast infection due to long-time tight innerwear use.

Better to buy underwear with breathable fabric

Light and breathable fabrics like cotton soak up the moisture by allowing air to pass through it. It is necessary to wear inners with the similar breathable cloth to prevent moisture buildup in that area. Many women wear fancy non-breathable fabrics such as nylon, lycra, polyester which are not safe for their health and hygiene.

Wearing G-Strings can allow E. Coli to reach to your vagina

Most of the G-strings have a tight-fit and sit very near to the butt crack which allows them to slide. This process transfers E. coli bacteria to the vagina which leads to severe infection. Thus, it is advised to wear a G-string with a proper fit to avoid such a situation.


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Sleep nude for better hygiene!

Have you heard that sleeping without clothes is good for your body especially your private parts? Well, this helps them stay free and breathe. This practice is good for both men and women and their personal hygiene.

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