7 Foods That Cause Heartburn During Pregnancy

Heartburn is a very common problem during pregnancy but you can prevent it by restricting some foods in your diet. We have listed 7 foods in this article that expecting mothers should avoid.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Aug 08, 2019
7 Foods That Cause Heartburn During Pregnancy

The journey from a woman to a mother has a lot of ups and downs. You are to take care of your health as well as the health of the little life inside you. Pregnancy cravings are okay but you mustn’t satisfy them all as this isn’t good for your baby. During the pregnancy period, a woman undergoes a lot of physical as well as mental changes. She should be careful with what she eats as this might adversely affect her wellbeing. Heartburn is the most common issue that pregnant ladies face. Here we have listed 7 foods to avoid eating during pregnancy to prevent heartburn.


Cheese is love! We understand your love for cheese and that it is difficult to resist the craving but avoid it! It is better to avoid eating cheese as it causes heartburn. Cheese contains a high amount of fats which affects digestion. During heartburn, cheese may create more pressure on the stomach. Upset stomach is very common in pregnancy.


Again, chocolates are irresistible especially pregnant women crave sugar and therefore chocolate becomes their savior. But chocolates contain caffeine which is not good for digestion. This triggers indigestion and digestion. Additionally, it has theobromine which triggers reflux and heartburn.


Beef is rich in fats which again is not good for an expecting mother. It leads to various health problems like heartburn in them. Therefore, it is suggested to cut down your beef consumption while you are pregnant.

If you still wish to eat beef then it goes for lean cut beef as it has relatively less fat and thus would cause less damage to your health. Along with that, practice some yoga poses for heartburn.


Garlic contains a compound named fructans which might lead to indigestion in the human body if it isn’t digested properly. Pregnant women already face problems with digestion and consumption of garlic may aggravate it to a new level. Therefore, it is better to prevent garlic consumption to avoid the heartburn issue.

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We all know that alcohol can leave adverse effects on the baby in the womb. So, you should avoid drinking alcohol completely without fail as soon as you get pregnant. Alcohol can cause inconvenience which may also trigger heartburn. For the sake of your baby, avoid drinking.

Spicy Foods

The main cause of heartburn in pregnant women is spicy food. While little spices don’t hurt, you must avoid consuming raw spices as they aren’t good for digestion. These trigger heartburn which may further make you uneasy.

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Caffeinated drinks

Any kind of caffeinated drink is bad for pregnant women. It is better to go for their decaf versions if you want to drink them. Also, coffee should be consumed on a minimal level to avert heartburn. Never drink coffee on an empty stomach. Similarly, soda and aerated drinks are also bad for your health.

You must avoid these foods as much as possible for your wellness and keeping yourself safe from such health complications.

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