6 Effective Home Remedies To Help You Quit Smoking

Smoking is an addictive and harmful habit which can be difficult to quit. Check out these amazing home remedies that can help you in doing so.

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaPublished at: Apr 14, 2021Updated at: Apr 14, 2021
 6 Effective Home Remedies To Help You Quit Smoking

Smoking is an extremely harmful habit and also one of the major causes of deaths in our country. People start smoking to recover from various problems such as stress, anxiety, peer pressure and depression. Cigarettes have tobacco that contains nicotine and it can make smoking an addiction. Nicotine increases the urge in people to smoke more. A lot of smokers are not even aware or try to ignore the harmful effects of smoking on the body. It slows down the immune system and affects fertility too. In fact, smoking has similar effects on the people around you that are becoming an easy target of passive smoking.

Many people think that e-cigarettes are smokeless and less harmful for your health. But, as per several health reports, maximum number of deaths are reported due to lung disease from vaping and not cigarettes. This proves that vaping is also equally harmful and unhealthy for your body as cigarette smoking. Smoking can cause cancer, heart disease and many other respiratory problems. Read to this article further to know about simple and effective home remedies to help you quit smoking.

Home remedies to quit smoking

Smoking can result in an airway obstruction and unnecessary blockage that is not good for your health. In fact, more than 50 per cent of serious illnesses are caused by smoking. Moreover, the death rate for any kind of smoker is three times higher than that for non-smokers. However, inspite of knowing all the harmful effects and facts about smoking,  many people are not able to quit this habit and it can be tough for them. So, here are 6 home remedies to quit smoking: 

1. Water


Water plays the crucial role of a detoxifier and helps smokers in quitting smoking. You should drink atleast 8-10 glasses of water daily as it can help in boosting the immune system, hence decreasing the levels of withdrawal symptoms of smoking. Additionally, you should have 1-2 glasses of water whenever there is an urge to smoke.

2. Oats

Even oats can help in flushing out the harmful toxins from your body, along with reduction in the urge to smoke. It also helps in reducing the withdrawal symptoms of cigarette smoking. Heat one tablespoon of oats in two cups and let it be for the whole night. Right before having it, heat the oat mix again and drink after every meal.

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3. Honey

Honey is used as a home remedy for many purposes. It is an amazing natural remedy to manage the cessation process of smoking. Honey has beneficial vitamins, enzymes and proteins present in it, which help in quitting the habit of smoking easily. Try and use organic honey for less artificial flavours and more effective results.

4. Radish


Grated radish also helps in reducing the acidity in your body, which is mainly caused by continuous cigarette smoking. This home remedy is more effective for chain smokers and addicts. Moreover, you can mix it with honey to work wonders for quitting smoking.

5. Mulethi

This is another effective natural kitchen ingredient to quit smoking as it can be an appropriate alternative for a cigarette. Mulethi fulfills the urge to smoke and enhances the digestive system. Chew a piece of mulethi or add it into your tea everyday. In fact, it is a lot more  economical than having an E-cigarette.

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6. Grapeseed extract

Grapeseed extract is another useful home remedy to quit smoking. Grape juice is loaded with nutrients that help in normalising the harmful effects of free radical damage caused by smoking. It also plays a major role in reducing the acidity of the blood and in recovering from the lung damage caused by smoking.

Therefore, these were the effective home remedies that can help you quit smoking. Besides, an individual smokes on his own terms, knowing about all the diseases associated with it. Some of the diseases caused by smoking can be irreversible, while others can be treated medically and with self care. Smoking cigarettes can have a lot of negative impacts on your body. It may also cause problems with the respiratory system, skin as well as the reproductive system.

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