5 Words You Should Never Use Again

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Jan 29, 2018
Quick Bites

  • Words once spoken cannot ever be taken back
  • Language has distorted since its initial conception
  • Never use a word like "Hate", as it expresses negativity
  • Your chosen words could hurt someone to great extent

Words that come out from your mouth are forever stamped with the curse of being eternal. Words once spoken cannot ever be taken back. Out of all the words that you let out to create a sentence there are some that come out very easily, those which we do not give much attention to.

The history of language will tell you that it is susceptible to change. Over the course of time language has evolved in accordance with man’s understanding and perception. What we have today is a mix breed, it is in no form pure, and it is not the language that it once was. Talking strictly about the English language, the internet and social media have churned it into something as audacious as YOLO, or in the better sense of the abbreviation, “you only live once”. Adjectives have become the driving force of English language, and much to the chagrin of Grammar Nazis, sentences are formed in random sequence. But there are words that can be surprising to its speaker if one actually gives it a good thought; words that should not be used and thrown out of the blue because words are most certainly stronger than your enemy’s gun.


“I hate that guy”, can seem like an expression of your dislike, a very natural reaction towards something that you are not too comfortable with. But, hate is too strong an emotion. Hate promotes negativity; hate is a bad force which can create animosity. You could dislike the morning traffic, you can prefer the Beetles over The Oasis, but you cannot possibly hate something or someone. The only thing you are allowed to hate is the usage of the word hate.


A perfectly normal conversation and someone who isn’t interested says, “Whatever”. How many times in a day do you use this word? How many people have you annoyed using this word! By using this word you are essentially making it a point that you do not care, you are putting an end to a disagreement by stating that your time is not worth it. The word in itself is not that bad, but when used with a certain expression under circumstances it can sound pretty bad.


Calling someone a “loser” does not show how great a winner you are, it is just in bad taste. No one is a loser, no one likes to lose in the game of life, and you are making it worse for someone who is probably trying hard to do better. Just because you do not understand someone’s way of living, that does not mean that you have the right to call that person a loser. This word can provoke hopelessness in people, a very wrong word to use.


It is absolutely in bad taste to use like as a “filler” word in between your half-hearted sentences. What you need to do is learn how to process your thoughts and speak only after you have thought about it all, because it is “like” very repulsive for a person to “like” hear the word “like” from the speaker, “like” after every three words! So, please.


A very wrong word to use in a professional environment, there is nothing that you cannot do. What you need to say is that you will try or you will learn, I “can’t” sound as good as “I am very incapable”. Another way to go about this is by saying, “I will try my best”. In a positive environment, your “I can’t” can create bring about a very negative cloud that will loom over the likes of people who “can”.

We suggest that you learn more words, and try and use them in your daily life. Make use of words that express ably, and you will find that you will know how and when to use the right words without offending anyone.

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