Blindness Alert: These 5 Unexpected Things Can Affect Your Vision And Make You Blind

Apart from using smartphones and digital devices at night, there are these things or practices that affect your eyeshight and can make you blind overtime. Read them all here.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Aug 27, 2019
Blindness Alert: These 5 Unexpected Things Can Affect Your Vision And Make You Blind

Vision is one of the most important senses and none of us would want to get blind. While you must have heard your mother saying sitting too close to the television can wreck your eyes but did you know that there are a lot of other things which can out your eyesight to risk and may even make you go blind! 

1. Smoking

Smoking is injurious to health. This statement is very common as daily smoking affects the lungs and causes cancer. But did you know that smoking is also injurious for your eyes? The chemicals present in cigarettes can constrict the blood vessels thereby limiting oxygen and blood flow to the eyes. Over time, smoking cigarettes and its smoke can permanently damage the ocular cells which may lead to macular degeneration and ultimately, blindness.

2. Contact Lenses

This might shock a lot of people but contact lenses, if not worn and handled properly, may damage your eyes. A little mistake here and there may cause and an excruciating eye infection that leads to permanent blindness. You shouldn’t sleep with contact lenses on as this would hinder oxygen supply to eyes leading to loss of vision. Also, always keep your contact lenses clean.

3. Medications

Medicinal side effects are a big threat to your eyes and your eyesight. Your eyes do need enough blood supply to keep up their vision, in the absence of which, you will suffer the symptoms of blindness. Some medicines do cause deposits on the retina of the eyes which may lead to vision impairment. This mostly happens with medicines that have a high dosage. If you are undergoing any medicinal treatment with a high dose of drugs, talk to your doctor and get them replaced with alternative medicines.

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4. The Sun

While sunset is one of the most beautiful times of the day and you might love watching the setting sun, don’t do this for a longer period. Some studies claim that sun rays during the dusk can cause blindness. Overexposure to these sun rays is likely to burn the cornea of your eyes which can make you go blind. However, this is not necessary and might not happen with everyone but prevention is always better than cure. Do not spend hours watching the sun. If you do, then make sure to wear protective glasses to avoid any harm to your eyes.

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5. Early Menopause

Early menopause does not only bring changes in your body but it might also cause vision problems. The hormonal fluctuations during menopause may lead to vision impairment. Early menopause in women may make them a victim of glaucoma which is an eye disease that may aggravate blindness. Those who get menopause before 45 should go for regular eye checkups to ensure that their eyes are safe.

If you want to keep your eyesight as it is, avoid these practices. This the best you could do for your eyes.

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