5 Reasons You Should Never Throw Out Potato Peels

We don’t think for a moment about peeling potatoes and throwing the skin away. These can significantly add to the nutritional value of your diet along with providing other benefits.

Himanshu Sharma
Written by: Himanshu SharmaUpdated at: Apr 04, 2015 18:46 IST
5 Reasons You Should Never Throw Out Potato Peels

A potato is a source of protein, complex carbohydrates, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B-6, niacin and thiamine. We don’t think for a moment while peeling potatoes and throw skin away. Potato peels give you another 15 calories, extra protein, carbohydrates and more of most of the vitamins and minerals.


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Read on to know the nutritional and other benefits of potato peels.


Nutritional Benefits

Potato skin is an excellent source of potassium. Consuming potato skins gives your body enough to carry chemical reactions, including reactions used to fuel your metabolism and aid cells in generating useable energy. Potato peels are also loaded with iron, another essential mineral that helps support red blood cell function.

Potato skin is a good source of vitamin B3 which helps cells break down nutrients into useable fuel. Moreover, vitamin B3 helps your cells recover from physiological stress. The peel of a potato also gives you a good dose of fibre. Fibre is beneficial to keep metabolism in check besides lowering the risk of colon cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Furthermore, potato peels contain phytonutrients, phytoenzymes and antioxidants that can significantly add to the nutritional value of your diet.

Blood Sugar Control

Because they’re rich in complex carbohydrates, potatoes are considered a starchy vegetable. The complex carbohydrates in peeled potatoes are readily broken down into simple sugars in comparison to those found in whole grains, beans and other veggies. This can cause a spike in blood glucose levels. On the other hand, eating the vegetable’s skin gives you the extra fibre and keeps blood glucose levels in control. When digested food remains in your stomach for long, the rate at which simple sugars enter your bloodstream slows down.


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Skin Care

Got puffy eyes? Potato peel is what you need. Turn to potato peel to whiten your skin, get rid of dark circles, reduce excessive oil, and treat acne, blackheads and whiteheads. Apply potato juice using a cotton ball over the affected area.


Hair Care

Potato peels can help you add lustre to hair and also help them to grow faster. Blend the peels and apply the juice on your scalp and massage it in for 5 minutes. Leave it on for another 15 mins before you wash it off with warm water.


potato peel benefits


Scrubbing and Polishing

If you are running out of stain remover, scrub with the moist underside of potato peels and your silverware will become shiny again. Not just stains, the acids in potato juice can actually dissolve rust too.




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