5 Medical Reasons For Hair Fall In Children

Hair fall or hair loss in kids can occur due to several reasons. Here are medical conditions, their causes and treatment

Gandharv Gulati
Children's HealthWritten by: Gandharv GulatiPublished at: Jul 05, 2020
5 Medical Reasons For Hair Fall In Children

Hair fall is a common problem in adults but in kids, this is slightly uncommon. Every human being loses some hair daily but when hair fall comes into notice, it is a matter of concern. If your child is experiencing hair fall or hair loss, it is your duty as a parent to look into the matter and find the root cause of hair fall in them. There are a lot of possible reasons for hair fall that only a trichologist can assess. While small kids do not bother about this issue, younger adults may get upset as they know that hair is a very important part of our appearance. 


Causes of Hair Fall in Children

Five major medical conditions cause hair fall or hair loss in children. These include both biological and psychological changes that may trigger hair loss in them. Each condition has a different set of causes and treatment methods, know them all. 

Tinea Capitis

This condition is characterized by itchy scalp or reddish patches on the scalp. In some cases, small black dots can be seen at the scalp from where the hair broke. The child may also suffer from swollen lymph nodes and fever.
Causes: This condition is caused by a fungi ‘dermatophytes’. This can also be transmitted from one person to another if they share haircare products such as comb, bedding, etc. This leaves patches of bald spots on the head.

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Alopecia Areata

This condition is when the child loses hair on different parts of the body and not just head. Most commonly, this condition is hereditary. If there is a family history of alopecia, there are chances that the kid might also suffer from it. Also, if any member of the family has rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes, this condition may also be caused.
Causes: Unlike other conditions, there is no particular cause of this issue. Usually, environmental factors trigger this condition. This can be easily treated with topical solutions, oral medicines as well as other treatments.


This is something that parents need to watch out. Many kids have the habit of pulling their hair. This causes Trichotillomania conditions. This is recognized as a mental disorder where the kid due to anxiety or stress pulls out hair.
Causes: The primary cause of this condition is OCD or obsessive-compulsive disorder which a psychological condition. Only behavioral therapies can treat this condition.

Telogen Effluvium

This is an infection that is triggered when the hair follicle cycle is interrupted. It results in diffuse hair loss in children. If your child has a history of this condition, it may occur again and persist for a longer time.
Causes: Telogen is a phase of hair growth where the hair is in the resting phase. Interruption in this cycle may cause excessive shedding of hair or severe hair fall. This is mainly caused due to stress.


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Nutritional Deficiency

Certain nutritional deficiencies may also trigger hair loss or hair fall in children. As a parent, you must ensure to give a balanced diet to your child. Nutritional deficiencies can also trigger other health problems.

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