5 Biggest Makeup Woes and their Cures

Men often wonder what takes women so much time to get ready. They can never understand what makeup woes we go through. But not anymore, here are solutions to the most common makeup woes.

Ariba Khaliq
Fashion & BeautyWritten by: Ariba KhaliqPublished at: Jul 03, 2014
5 Biggest Makeup Woes and their Cures

Ladies do have it harder than men when it comes to looking attractive. Although, most women enjoy looking their best, it can be hard to try when the cosmetic products start to act up.

Lipstick has a nasty habit of migrating to teeth. And no matter how precisely you apply mascara, those stubborn lashes cling together in clumps. Here we demonstrate your five biggest makeup woes and how you can solve them. These dispensing tips will give you reliably beautiful results that will stay for all season long.

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To Stay-put Lip Colour that Fades

Perpetrator: Bright lipstick often tends to fade or gets to teeth

Solution: Always use a lip primer. It gives something for the lipstick to adhere to and acts as an anchor. It is an instant way to ensure lip colour stays in check. After applying bright lipstick, place a tissue around your index finger and place it at the inside centre of lips and quickly slide it out. Any excess color will be on the tissue and not on the teeth.

To Have Clump-free Eyelashes

Perpetrator: Mascara makes the lashes look clumpy.

Solution: Start by pushing the mascara wand up against the base of the lashes and wiggle out from root to tip in circular motions. While the mascara is still a bit moist, apply the second coat, but on this coat, hold the mascara wand vertically and push up from the base to the tip. Now, hold the wand at the tip for a few seconds to set the curl.

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Concealing Dark Under-eye Circles

Perpetrator: Under-eye concealer doesn’t look natural when applied on dark circles

Solution: Eye cream or eye serums are essential, but you must let them absorb into the skin before applying concealer. If the eye cream is still too moist, the concealer will quickly crease and look un-natural. Always pat or press concealer under the eye. Don't rub. Rubbing just moves it around.

Blush that Doesn’t Show Streaks

Perpetrator: Powder blush looks cakey and dusty. How do we make it look smooth?

Solution: After sweeping the brush across the product, swipe it into the tissue to remove excess pigment. The colour goes on smoother like this. It's easier to build colour in layers than to rub the colour off.

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For a Sun-Kissed Skin with Bronzer

Perpetrator: Bronzer sometimes makes your skin look dirty instead of sun-kissed

Solution: Remember to use a bronzer in a number-three formation. Start at the forehead; sweep the brush around to the cheek, then around to the jaw line. Adding a little more to cheeks will boost colour without looking fake or foolish.

A makeup mishap might not alter your personality, but it keeps you from putting your best face forward. Whether you're a daily practitioner of the art of cosmetic beauty, or someone who wears makeup only on special occasions, you've probably experienced the embarrassment of misapplied, mismatched or misbehaving cosmetics. Learn from the above tricks and solve your most annoying beauty problems.

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