5 Alarming Signs of High Estrogen Levels

There are many signs and symptoms of hormonal changes in your body. Know these alarming signs when your body produces too much estrogen.

Arti Chaudhary
Written by: Arti ChaudharyUpdated at: May 20, 2019 15:13 IST
5 Alarming Signs of High Estrogen Levels

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A slight imbalance can cause many health issues inside the body. The same goes with your hormones, when they are balanced, everything works in a proper manner, but when hormones are unbalanced, various issues in your body start taking place. The balance of estrogen hormone is essential for your body to function in order. Estrogen is basically known as the 'female hormone', whereas testosterone is considered as the 'male hormone'. Both the hormones are found in males and females though they are identified with particular genders. Women have more estrogen as compare to men and testosterone is found more in men. But what happens to your body if you start producing more estrogen than normal?

The increase in estrogen level is mainly observed during puberty and pregnancy, but this condition can occur any other time as well. Apart for it there are only two ways that estrogen can assemble in your body, either your body produces too much estrogen on its own or it is obtained from the environment or from your diet. Excessive alcohol consumption, stress, medications, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, etc, can also be the reason behind an increased levels of estrogen.

Know 5 alarming signs that your body might be producing more estrogen

Weight gain

Without making any change in your lifestyle if your weight keeps on increasing, especially near the hip area, then this might be the sign of increased estrogen. Losing weight can become a difficult task for you even after regular diet and exercise. It is important to get control over the increased level of estrogen in order to lose excess of weight to maintain an ideal weight.

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Headache attacks you frequently

When estrogen is more than progesterone in your body, then it is no wonder that headaches can develop easily. There can be many factors behind headaches like genetics and dietary triggers, but increased estrogen in women plays a major role as it contributes to chronic headaches and menstrual migraines. 

Irregular or abnormal menstruation

Many hormones carefully orchestrate your menstrual period. There can be many reasons for a delay in your period or early arrival and raised estrogen is one of them. If your period is always on time and suddenly becomes unpredictable, concluding you are not pregnant, it could be due to upraised levels of estrogen. 

Memory is not sharp enough

If you are forgetting important things like losing your car keys or phone more often, missing deadlines at work, and many more, it could be due to estrogen. Where low levels of estrogen are linked to Alzheimer’s and other conditions of memory loss, experts have found that raises estrogen can also lead to difficulty in remembering things, although they don’t know the actual reasons behind it.

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No control over emotions

Estrogen affects different systems of your body and that directly impacts your mental state and emotions. When your estrogen levels are increased, you might experience depression, panic attacks, anxiety, unexplained anger, and other mood issues. Some doctors even have a name for people who experience signs of depression and anxiety with elevated estrogen: 'agitated depression.'

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