Why did Tanu wed Manu again? 4 beautiful reasons why second marriages are happier

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May 22, 2015
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  • You have the experience of handling relationships.
  • You have discovered yourself.
  • More determination flows into the relationship.
  • Feeling of gratitude is immense.

It has been only a few hours since Tanu Weds Manu Returns hit the screens and the view that it is a crowd pleaser has already gained ground. It is one of those rare brands of the films that gives you an experience worth every penny and sends you home with something cheerful.

Benefits of Remarriage

While you welcome the slapstick dialogues of the movie and enjoy the funny commentary on the institution of marriage, there is a queer thought that catches you inevitably.

In India, where taking vows around fire is considered to be the ultimate definition of the sacred bond called marriage, how can one find peace in their life if they wish to consider breaking allegiance once and re-do it.

But, what we suggest you is something different. Follow your gut feeling and a new era of happiness will soon usher into your life. If the idea of a second marriage makes you feel complacent, go for it. And if these reasons are not good enough, here we give you some more to prove that second marriages are happier.

You have the necessary experience now

Once you have decided to tie the sacred knot again, you can relax and reap the benefits of experience that you have learnt from your first and unfortunately, failed marriage. It is this experience, good or bad, that will make you perfect at handling your marriage now and make your second innings a success.

You are on a journey of personal discovery

No matter what bought your first marriage to an end, there is nothing that could help you escape pain. However, once you are re-married you set yourself on a journey of personal discovery, healing and change. You mature with the damage and vow to become a better person.

Benefits of Remarriage

You are more determined than ever to make it work

You are now well acquainted with the feeling of pain and loss. So, you want to walk those extra miles and take all those pains to make this one work. The determination to stick around with this one is heightened to a whole new level.

Feeling of gratitude takes over you

In addition to a sense of responsibility, re-married people have a strong feeling of gratitude; gratitude towards life for giving them a second chance. This thankfulness acts as a major driving force behind all the good things that you will do for your partner and the relationship.

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