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Aug 10, 2010

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World at your feetWe rely on them most, we neglect them most. Feet are our pedestal, indispensable for our mobility; ironically, they are the least pampered part of our body. A little planning followed by a simple routine can ensure soft and clean feet. Here is a recipe to plan and execute a foot care session during monsoons.


Before you start off with a pedicure, remove nail polish. Wash your feet at least twice a day. Apply any foot cream which contains khus, tea-tree oil and neem on your feet and between your toes with a gentle massaging initially followed by night application for maintenance.


Tips for better feet:


o Following morning, use a pumice stone or an abrasive foot scrub to remove the dead and rough skin.

o Now, get ready for a foot-bath. In a half-bucket of lukewarm water, add 10-15ml of shampoo. Soak your feet in the water minimum for 20 minutes.

o Pat dry with coarse towel, squeeze a lemon in summer /use some drops of any aromatic oil in winters in a fresh bucket of warm water and immerse your feet for another 10 minutes.

o To maintain the arches and muscles of the feet, try some exercises. Put a handful of marbles in a tub; roll your feet on them for 5to 7 minutes.

o Occasional foot massage is extremely relaxing. Choose any foot massage cream available in market or simply go for any moisturiser. A pinch of peppermint oil creates a sensual feel.

o A daily dose of moisturiser is essential to make good the natural absence of oil glands on our feet.

o Avoid nylon socks, always prefer cotton socks. Change your socks daily.

o Keep your shoe or sandals in bright sunny rays once in a week to avoid infections.


Planning to visit a foot care saloon, look that it has well trained practitioner. It's better to prefer a well- established brand. The treatment offered should synchronise with skin type and problem. Leg spa, Aromatic treatments are the additional facilities. Of course, overall hygiene must be a priority!


Shopping for shoes? Schedule it for the day end, by now feet are swollen and you should pick the foot wear that offers enough room for your exhausted feet. Prescription footwear is indispensable for foot deformities, foot ulcers, and vascular diseases. Barefoot invites several infections and ailments, make sure to slip into an appropriate slipper before steeping out. Wear sandals at the beach, and swimming shoes in the water.


–Punam Jha

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