Why is it important to have a healthy breakfast during monsoon

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Jul 20, 2017

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  • To ensure that you start your day well, you must have a hea;thy breakfast.
  • Healthy breakfast sets you up to succeed for the entire day.
  • Eating right and healthy breakfast gives you improved mood and more energy.

Monsoon has finally arrived and while monsoon brings us joy and relief from the scorching heat, it also brings many ailments with it. So the key is to stay fit and enjoy this beautiful weather. To ensure good health during monsoons, here are some basics which one must follow to maintain good health:

Why breakfast is the most important meal of the day?

To ensure that you start your day well, you must have your pre-breakfast and breakfast meal at right intervals. Most of us wake up and do not eat anything for about two to three hours. This can lead to acidity or digestion related problems. When you wake up have something light, to wake up your digestive system, for instance fresh seasonal fruits: mango, and litchi, after a gap of at least 90 minutes you can have either cereal, oats, poha, idlis, poached eggs, porridge, etc.

Healthy breakfast sets you up to succeed for the entire day. Eating right and healthy breakfast gives you improved mood and more energy to face the day. Some of the options that you can consider for a healthy breakfast can be:

Breakfast options

Oatmeal: If you don’t know how to cook or you are running late in the morning, this is the easiest option of the morning breakfast for you. One bowl of oatmeal, mixed with some raisins/ dry fruits/ banana can be made in seconds and is a healthy source of carbohydrates, protein and fiber for your body.

Poha/ Idli’s: Light for digestion, delicious to taste and good sources of carbs required for you to kick start your day.

Vegetable omelette: An egg white omelette, with vegetables and a bit of mushrooms (if you are not allergic to them), can give you a good wholesome morning diet; it will provide a good combination of carbohydrates and protein for your body.

If you love to eat paratha’s while it rains outside, you can have stuffed paratha (made in little bit of olive oil) with curd. This will give you enough energy to sustain and get started with your day, and a cup of ginger and lemongrass tea will add more taste to your breakfast, while it strengthens your digestion and boosts your metabolism.

Fruits: As a result of the ground water quality changing you will find the taste of fruits also changing during the monsoon and they also become too watery. Therefore, you should reduce your intake of fruits like watermelon and muskmelon as they are already water based fruits.

Most importantly drink a lot of water. As the atmosphere gets filled with water molecules, the quality of ground water also changes and the first caution for this season is to stay away from water borne diseases. So ensure that you have only boiled/ purified water.

Caution: You should ensure that you don’t over eat at any occasion, you must follow this precaution very carefully during the monsoon, avoid any heavy food items, eat light and easily digestible food (e.g.: boiled potatoes, cooked vegetables, etc…). Also, add some extra ginger and onion to your food preparation (for your meals through the day) as it helps in strengthening the digestive system, which usually becomes weak during monsoon.

Shuchi Mehta, Nutrition and Diet Consultant (from Gold coast Training Academy) with Fitness First.

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