What are the treatment and cure of Diabetes in Young Adults?

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Nov 01, 2011

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The kind of diabetes that is most common in young adults is type 1 diabetes. In order to cure this high level of blood sugar, the following measures may be taken:

  • Since these young adults are at a growing stage, they should be given a very nutritious diet consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids are good for the child, such as in nuts, olive oil, avocados.
  • The oft-seen habit of kids binging on fast food must be replaced by a healthy meal including fish, whole wheat bread, fish, skimmed milk, etc.
  • The child should be taken for a regular check up for blood sugar level.
  • Insulin shots are also useful in the absence of insulin in the body.
  • At this young age, they should be encouraged to run, walk, play or do any kind of an exercise in order to stay fit and healthy.


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