What are the symptoms of Cheilosis?

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Jan 18, 2013

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Quick Bites

  • Cheilosis causes cracks at the corners of the mouth.
  • It leads to painful inflammation redness.
  • It is caused by an yeast infection.
  • It can also cause weeping at the corners of the mouth.

Cheilosis is a painful condition that is characterised by painful inflammation as well as cracking of the mouth’s corners. Although, it can occur on just one side of the mouth, usually it occurs on both sides. It is caused by yeast infection. Such an infection around the corners of the mouth is because we are generally in the habit of licking our lips and the corners of our mouth.

Cheilosis symptoms

Also, it occurs mostly in those people who have ill-fitting dentures. If you are one of them, make sure you regularly visit your dentist to get the dentures fitted properly and to ensure that they support the face.

The symptoms of cheilosis are inflammation at the corners of the mouth, pain, cracking and sometimes, weeping at the corners. Occurrence of these symptoms can be prevented by avoiding licking the lips or corners of the mouth.


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