What is Smith Magenis Syndrome?

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Oct 12, 2012

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Quick Bites

  • A child with Smith-Magenis syndrome will have different facial features than normal people.
  • The child may also have a delayed development of language skills.
  • The child may also experience unnatural sleep patterns.
  • They also have behavioural problems.

Smith-Magenis syndrome refers to a developmental disorder that affects more than one part of the body. Some of the major factors about this condition include mild to moderate intellectual disability, language skills, delayed speech, distinctive facial features, and behavioural problems and sleep disturbances.

Smith-Magenis Syndrome

Change in Facial Features

Most people who have Smith-Magenis syndrome tend to have a broad, square-shaped face with full cheeks, deep-set eyes and prominent lower jaw. In these people the middle of the face and the bridge of the nose tend to look flattened. The mouth appears to turn downward with a full, outward-curving upper lip. The differences in facial can be subtle during early childhood, though they can be more distinctive in later part of childhood and adulthood. Affected people may also experience dental abnormalities.

Other characteristics

People with Smith-Magenis syndrome may also have disrupted sleep patterns throughout the day; this is especially common early in life. The affected people may feel very sleepy during the day, but have trouble sleeping at night and may find it hard to be awakened.

Those people who have Smith-Magenis syndrome tend to be engaging personalities who are affectionate and sometimes have behavioural problems. Some of these problems include temper tantrums, anxiety, aggression, impulsiveness, difficulty paying attention and outbursts. Self-injury that includes hitting, biting, head banging and skin picking is a common concern among people affected by Smith-Magenis.


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