What are the risks of Dengue?

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Apr 05, 2011

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Dengue Fever High risk areas: Areas in which people are at high risk of developing dengue fever include;

  • People living in urban areas where the population density is high and sanitation is poor.
  • Urban areas with large number of desert coolers, construction sites, uncovered overhead tanks, discarded buckets, tyres, utensils etc. which promote mosquito breeding,
  • In rural areas Dengue fever/DHF can occur if the environment is friendly for mosquito breeding. Like if there are places where water can stagnate like storage water for cattle feeding and drinking, cement cisterns, underground cemented water sumps, discarded containers, tyres, bottles etc.

These factors provide favorable environment for breeding of Aedes mosquito as the mosquito is a mosquito is a peri-domestic and domestic breeder. It breeds in stagnant water collected in and around the house.


Risk factors of Dengue Fever

  • Warm and humid season: Dengue fever occurs frequently during and shortly after the monsoon season (that is it occurs in warm and humid seasons).
  • Urban areas: Transmission is more intense in urban areas with high population density and poor sanitation.
  • Stagnant water: Areas where water collects and stagnates (like in desert coolers, construction sites, uncovered overhead tanks, discarded buckets, tyres, utensils etc. which promote mosquito breeding.
  • Mosquito bites: If you do not take precautions to prevent mosquito bites


High risk group individuals

Factors that increase your risk of developing dengue fever or a more severe form of the disease are:

  • Living in dengue endemic areas
  • Travelling to dengue endemic areas
  • Prior infection with a dengue fever. The second infection with dengue virus increases your risk of a more severe form of the disease.
  • People of all age and sex are at risk of dengue fever--but the risk of complications and death are higher in younger children.


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